Caldwell Assisted Living

The Gables Open A Caldwell Assisted Living Home

The Gables has long been the golden standard for assisted living in eastern Idaho. Their recent announcement that they will be opening a new Caldwell Idaho assisted living home has stirred up quite a bit of interest from the communities in the area. Caldwell is a small town with quite a few Assisted living homes. Drawing many of the elderly and aging from both Caldwell and Nampa the business has been booming in the area for the assisted living industry. The introduction of an industry leading chain has been a bit of a concern to many of the area’s smaller homes.

Why There Is No Need To Worry For Caldwell Assisted Living Home Owners

There is little need to worry about a major effect in the number of residents moving from many of the small local homes because The Gables operates a little different than most assisted living homes. The Gables places the highest priority on the individuals of their homes. Building the highest quality environments and community for their residents is their focus. As a result, their buildings top at around 50 beds. Severely restricting the potential for move-ins at each location. Thus, having minimal effect on the assisted living industry of Caldwell. 

Furthermore, The many different home options in Caldwell are very subdivided, and segregated by the different kinds of care offerings. The gables of Caldwell only offers assisted living services with a memory care wing, as well as in home care. Everything beyond that will remain completely unaffected such as the nursing homes.

What The Gables Of Caldwell Assisted Living Promises

The Gables Of Caldwell Assisted Living makes each individual in their halls their highest priority. To paraphrase,They offer personalized care for each individual resident. Whether it’s the 3 home cooked meals a day, or their regularly scheduled activities. They provide the ideal combination of care and amenities to promote their residents health and well being. The activity schedule can be easily found on their location page beneath the activities tab. They are also proud to offer an incredibly convenient location. Located at 917 E. Ustick Rd they are  easily accessible and yey surrounded by a very safe residential area. Within a 5 minute walk there is plenty of shopping and public parks available. Their residents will never want for activities to do outside the facility.

How To Learn More

The best way to learn more about The Gables of Caldwell is to visit their website! They have a wonderful staff waiting to answer any questions you may have about the care of your loved ones. The Gables also have an extensive blog with numerous support and advice for current, future, or previous caregivers. They are here to help you with your needs, as well as your loved ones as much as they possibly can. The current epidemic with COVID-19 has changed quite a few of their policies as of late however, for more information on that check out Know All The Things article. These changes have been made to protect their current residents as much as possible due to their increased risk.