The New Ford F150 Truck Models

Manufacturing trucks for well over a hundred years Ford Motor Company has produced some iconic cars and trucks. Out of them the Ford F150 series truck model is one of the best they ever produced. In fact, it has been so successful to be in the market for a long time with of course improvements and changes to keep up with the demand, technological advancements and changing times. They are so good even used Ford trucks for sale fetch good prices compared to other trucks.

But now the Special Vehicles Team or SVT at Ford have improved the model and come out with the F150 SVT Raptor truck. It is probably one of the most powerful F150 models ever built. The SVT team had a special focus when designing to make it one powerful and consistent truck. So it is smooth to drive and withstands the pressures of even the toughest terrains.

Apart from the F150 SVT Raptor there are ten more models and styles in the Ford 150 truck series for sale from Ford in the market today. They vary in bed length and cabin sizes mainly. There are in all eleven customizable models of F150 trucks for sale in the series with three bed lengths and cabin sizes. Each model size like the F150 Raptor is known by its name starting from the smallest F150 XL to the large and expensive F150 Harley Davidson model. Whichever of these you look at there are wast improvements in comfort and user friendliness over the years compared to old Ford trucks like those that came a decade or two ago. Just one significant improvement you can notice over the years in the F150 models is the storage compartments. They are now located on the truck’s actual body rather than just inside the bed or cab, thereby improving the looks and safety.

Price wise also the Ford trucks holds an advantage over many other brands and models because they remain relatively inexpensive. However the biggest advantage Ford F150 trucks have to offer is their variety of style, variable engine sizes and trim packages they come in to suit a large customer base.