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The Pros & Cons of Using a Criminal Defense Attorney

After being charged with a crime, you will have to make a decision on how to proceed in the judicial process. Usually it is important to be represented in court by an attorney that has the knowledge and understanding of the law. Missouri criminal defense lawyers at Missouri Legal are specifically trained to assist you in any of your criminal charges. Contact us if you need assistance with a criminal charge. However, with any choice that you are faced with in life there will be both pros and cons.

Missouri Criminal Defense Lawyer Pros and Cons

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There are many pros to hiring Missouri criminal defense lawyers. Some of the following examples explain why it is important to get a trained attorney:

  1. Understanding of the legal system – This is one of the main reasons you hire a private criminal defense attorney. Their knowledge of the law is essential for you to receive a fair trial and maybe even be freed from your charges. Being able to read the law and apply the law are two very different things. An experienced attorney will be able to study the statutes and apply the law to your case and in your best interests. In addition to knowing the law, they will know all of the procedural rules that are essential to proceed unimpeded in the judicial process. Some of these procedural rules can allow you to be excused from the case if not followed by the other side. That alone should encourage you to seek Missouri criminal defense attorneys.
  2. Having a personal relationship with the judge and opposing counsel – It may not seem that important but it is. The attorney will act as your mediator between you and the judge. If you have an attorney that knows that judge and opposing counsel, they may not be as ruthless and more willing to deal with you. It can also allow you to have a more comfortable situation if your attorney can have a normal, friendly conversation with the court personnel.
  3. Assist you with your specific case – Having someone that is concerned with your specific case and wants to help you is wonderful. They will take an interest in your concerns and worries in what may transpire. They will also be able to look at all the facts that your case provides and apply the law to your case. This is important because arguments are created in this manner. The more you can point out that the law does or does not apply to you may make or break your case.
  4. Protect you from the police overstepping their boundary – Although it should not happen. At times, the police may try to introduce evidence that is not allowed based upon procedures that they did not follow. Without an experienced attorney, you may not know that certain evidence should not be allowed. Your rights need to be protected and without an experienced attorney you may be prosecuted with evidence that never should have been admitted.
  5. Having someone with wisdom to rely on -There is comfort that comes with having someone speaking on your behalf. It feels good to be able to discuss your deepest concerns with someone that cares for your well-being. The judicial process can be extremely scary and intimidating. American culture has created this frightful image that surrounds the courtroom, even though it often is not that way. That is why having someone that knows what they are doing in court can give you the confidence and comfort that you need. Contact us so that we can give you the advice and comfort you are seeking.
Missouri criminal defense lawyer

However, with all the benefits that come from hiring a private attorney, like Missouri criminal defense attorneys. There may also be some cons. Depending on the firm and the attorney, you may not get the attention that you want or require. This could be to a lack of care or maybe too large of a case load. The lawyer may also not know the law or procedure like they should, which could be detrimental to you and your case before the judge. You are hiring the attorney for their special skills that they have honed. Without these skills, they really are not much help to you. Although, most Missouri criminal defense attorneys take their jobs seriously and want the best for their clients.

Lastly, private attorneys may cost you a lot of money. They are going to cost you more than any other option. Although, this may not be a negative because you usually get what you pay for. The more you will pay the better the attorney might be. The question you have to ask yourself, is how much are you willing to pay for your freedom? However, paying for an attorney may not be possible for you. There are other options to defending yourself against any charges, even though Missouri criminal defense lawyers will be your best option.

What Are Other Ways to Proceed Without a Private Criminal Defense Attorney?

There are other ways to proceed in a trial without the assistance of Missouri criminal defense lawyers. Usually this will involve one of two choices. The first is pro se, which is representing yourself before the judge. This can be done and the court may be a little more lenient on you for mistakes made in procedure.

However, this is not usually advised because of all the mistakes that can be made and you losing your freedoms because a lack of understanding the law and judicial system. It can slow the judicial process because of your lack of skill. The prosecutor will not take it easy on you either. They are going to proceed as if you were represented by an experienced attorney. You will not know when to raise objections or make arguments to preserve your right to appeal your case if you lose. Overall, this is not the best option in a criminal proceeding.

The second option is to use a public defender. A public defender will be provided for those who do not have the means to pay for an attorney. These individuals are paid by the state to allow everyone to be represented before a judge and jury. This is a better option than proceeding pro se. These individuals are often new attorneys, but they have the legal knowledge and skills to represent you before the judge. They are also provided to you for free. Although, there may be some downsides. They may not have the specialty in what you need help with. They will have experience in many areas but maybe not the depth you want in a specific area. They are also often over burdened with their caseload. This means that you will not get the time that you may require for your case.

Overall, hiring Missouri criminal defense lawyers will be your best option to get the attention that you need, the experience, and hope of winning your case. The benefits outweigh the downsides when it comes to hiring an attorney. Also, if you don’t have the finances, look to a public defender rather than proceeding pro se.