Tips For Keeping Your Car Interior Clean

While it is not uncommon for us to regularly clean our house to make sure things are neat and tidy, the car is often a different matter. Although we spend a good chunk of time each week in our vehicle, it is easy to overlook cleaning on a regular basis. If this sounds like it is familiar to you, following these tips to keep your car interior clean will keep your vehicle looking nice and will reduce the stress you feel every time you get in the car.

Use Car Seat Covers

Car seat covers are made to go over your existing vehicle seats. They provide protection from spills and stains, and also keep your upholstery from getting worn down over time. If you want a perfect fit, car custom seat covers are designed for each vehicle make and model. If you aren’t so concerned about the fit of the covers and just want something that will provide protection, opt for universal auto seat covers. Seat covers are great for stopping messes and most are washable, so you can easily clean them when they get dirty. If you have children or often take your pets along for a ride, these seat covers are essential for keeping the car interior clean.

Vacuum and Dust

Running a vacuum over the interior of the car once a week can do wonders for keeping the floors and seat looking immaculate. Dusting the dashboard can also be very helpful for keeping things nice. Simply take a damp rag and wipe down the steering wheel, consoles, dash, and any other surface that is dusty or dirty. If you do this weekly you will prevent grime from building up and creating an unsightly mess.

Use a Trash Bag

Plastic grocery bags come in very handy for collecting trash in the car. Rather than throwing your candy wrappers and old receipts on the floor or stashed in a cubby, place them in the trash bag. This keeps your car neat and prevents litter from getting strewn everywhere. Don’t forget to periodically replace the trash bag as needed.

Keeping the interior of your car neat and clean isn’t difficult if you make the commitment to cleaning on a weekly basis. Following some of these tips will help you keep your car in an enjoyable state and will prevent any hesitation you may feel next time you want to offer someone a ride.

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