Toyota Hilux Hard Tops

There is a wide range of accessories for a pickup truck, but a hard top is probably among the most useful. Truck owners who wish to purchase a hard top can choose from different styles and quality that fit their needs and standards. Not only does a hard top accessorize a pickup truck, it also enhances its functions and may also add to its value when a time comes that a resale is needed. The Toyota Hilux is among the pickups that are best accentuated by hard tops.

Truckman Classic High Roof Hard Top Toyota Hilux

This is a practical hard top for a Toyota Hilux. It is created to be tough and durable. It comes with an extremely strong rear door. It has steel reinforcements. The Truckman Classic hard top for Toyota Hilux S/C is made as high roof with a featured ladder rack that is ideal for commercial 4×4 trucks.

The Truckman Classic High Roof Hard Top provides a greater capacity for the Toyota Hilux, which enhances the hard top’s load capacity and volume. The hard top is designed to fit with the Toyota Hilux ladder rack, which means the ladder, does not need to be taken off. The ladder rack is built with a carrying load capacity of as much as 100 kilograms. The Truckman Classic back canopy comes with the strongest and most durable read door. The Toyota Hilux is shielded from the view with the equipped tinted glass-locking door. The hard top’s interior hood can e easily cleaned and maintained using a jet wash or scrubber.

There are also two other types of Toyota Hilux Hard Tops

Fiberglass Hard Top
This is a new model of truck tops that is created pre-colored to match your very own pickup truck. This hard top also features interior light detector, which lights when the rear tailgate is opened and it turns off when closed. The hard top is kept leak-free with the patented system of water discharge. The hard top also has heated rear screen that is designed with a standard fit. For a superior finish, the hard top prevents condensation with the suspended leatherette.

Steel Truck Top
This is a pre-color-coded hard top to match any pickup truck. It comes with a “sliding” side window and dark-tint safety glass that is similar to the back window’s privacy glass of top specs 4×4 pickups. This hard top also comes with some extras such as interior light, third generation rake light, heated rear window top quality easy-maintenance lining that is moisture resistant.