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Tuckers Classic Auto Parts Trusted Manufacturers

Tuckers Classic Auto Parts has been around since 1993. In that time, Tuckers has grown and expanded its business to the online world. They have become a trusted and reliable classic auto parts store for all your restoration and maintenance needs. Each part is tested for a quality fit and working condition. Tuckers Classic Auto Parts has teamed up with top-notch manufacturers to be able to provide you with their expansive and well-stocked inventory of classic car parts. All the way from steering columns and instrument clusters to hood hinges and wiring harnesses, Tuckers has the part for you. 

American Autowire

Your car’s wiring is very important for your car to work properly. With time, your wires can corrode and are susceptible to the elements, and insects and rodents. For high-quality GM OEM restoration wiring harness kits and accessories, American Autowire has provided the best. All wiring harnesses are made exactly to the factory standards using OEM blueprints and GM parts. You can directly replace the original factory wiring easy peasy without guesswork and with a perfect fit. With over 9,000 wiring harnesses, battery cables, switches and spark plug sets, you can get all your wiring needs from the Tuckers Classic Auto Parts store. American Autowire has been around since 1987 as a two-man operation. Now with over 100 employees, American Autowire has become one of the top manufacturers for OEM/Restoration.

Eddie Motorsports

car hood hinges

A part as small as the hood hinges can easily be forgotten, but are crucial to have working ones. Eddie Motorsports has dedicated themselves to provide durable and long-lasting hood hinges for your classic automobile. Established in 2009, Eddie Motorsports has provided American made high-quality hood hinges. Made from billet aluminum, the hood hinges are crafted from solid chunks of 6061-T6 billet aluminum right here in the USA, California to be specific. You won’t find this kind of quality hood hinges from any other classic auto parts store. Utilizing stainless steel nitrogen-filled strut puts the hood hinges above the inferior stock compression springs. With high quality sealed ball bearings at all pivot points, you are guaranteed an ultra smooth and reliable operation. The hood hinges have been designed as “bolt-on” units using the stock mounting hole and elongated slots, making it easy for gap adjustment. Tuckers Classic Auto Parts carries a variety of finishes to help you match your vehicle perfectly.

Dakota Digital

Instrument clusters are helpful in keeping track of the workings of your car. The most common is the quad cluster. Quad clusters track your temperature, fuel, volts, and oil. Each of these is important to track and keep an eye on. If one of these is out of order it can affect the whole car itself. Temperature lets you know if your car is overheating. If you run your car too hot it can cause serious damage to your car such as destroying your cylinder head, engine block or other crucial parts. Tracking your fuel is plain and simple, it just ensures you have enough gas to get from Point A to Point B. The voltmeter lets you know how much voltage is traveling between the alternator and the battery. Low voltage could mean your car won’t even start. The high voltage could blow fuses, lights and possibly completely kill your battery. Oil pressure can mean a number of different things depending on the situation. All of these are very important to maintain which means you need a working instrument cluster. Dakota Digital has manufactured the highest quality digital instruments and specialty electronics for cars for over 20 years now. Nearly all the products designed, developed, and manufactured from start to finish right here in the USA. Their facility is located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Dakota Digital is run by people who are passionate about the products and their production along with the customers that buy them. When buying Dakota Digital, you can rest assured that not only are you getting the best products you are also getting the best customer service.

Custom Autosound

When you are restoring your classic vehicle, check out your trusted classic auto parts store for an original radio. That added touch of having some tunes to cruise the road to sure is worth it. Custom Autosound has teamed up with Tuckers Classic Auto Parts to provide you with your sound needs. Custom Autosound was established in 1977. Starting in 1981 they started manufacturing AM/FM cassettes. With eight models available, you can select the perfect fit for your classic auto restoration. The radios are shipped ‘bare’ from overseas to Fullerton, California. Here, Custom Autosound’s technicians modify them to fit over 400 different makes and models of classic cars and trucks. Everything you need is in one box, with no assembly required.

Classic Instrument

instrument cluster

With Classic Instruments, their newest addition was a line of products for the 1967-1972 Chevy truck package. It was recently debuted at the GoodGuys Nationals in Columbus, Ohio. Now you are able to purchase this package through Tuckers Classic Auto Parts store. This new package is a bolt in style package that makes installation a lot easier. With several different style options and color schemes, you are sure to find the appearance you desire for your classic auto restoration. The clusters included a speedometer, tachometer, fuel, oil, temperature and volt gauges along with a clock. It has been designed to reuse the factory dash bezel (bezel not included) to help maintain the original style of the vehicle. It has been upgraded with LED lighting for even illumination and clear nighttime readability. Everything you need for installation is included in the kit, including a scratch-resistant acrylic lens and all necessary sending units. Made right here in the USA, Michigan to be specific, the package comes with a full 5-year warranty.


As you are going about your classic auto restoration, every last piece, and part matters. Depending on the state of the vehicle you have, it could mean a whole lot of parts are needed or maybe just a few. You may not think about all the in-betweens when planning your restoration, such as the steering column may need to be replaced. Ididit started as Ken Callison finding his talent for machining trick parts for his own friends’ rod projects. In 1983, he produced a custom billet aluminum steering column for a fellow Ypsilanti Area Street Rods member. Little did Ken know this would be the first of many Ididit steering columns. People would see his work and request one for themselves. By 1985, Ken and his son Scott had a steady growing business. The pride they put into their products shows in the quality of their work. Their steering columns are made from solid billet aluminum and come in several different finishes to help you match your car perfectly. 

Tuckers Classic Auto Parts

Not only do you want to find that perfect classic auto parts store to fulfill your Chevy truck replacement parts needs, but you also want to be able to get to know and trust them. Knowing your parts came from a trusted source will save you the stress of being concerned if the part is the right one or if it will work for your specific model. At Tuckers Classic Auto Parts, all of the employees have a deep passion for the classic and vintage automobile world. 

classic auto parts store warehouse

Tuckers started back in 1986 and as the company began to grow and expand, so did their partnerships with manufacturers. In the beginning, the parts that made up Tuckers inventory were personally scavenged on the West coast and refurbished for resale. Now, as you check out their online store you can see they have available parts from over 30 manufacturers. Each has their own specialty adding to the Tuckers Classic Auto Parts inventory.

It is Tuckers Classic Auto Parts mission to not only provide quality classic and vintage auto parts but to be an active participant in the classic and performance auto industry. They continue to do all product testing and fitting to guarantee that the products sold meet or exceed the expectations of all customers. At Tuckers, the employees are classic car and performance enthusiasts who strive to bring the feelings of the home town garage and neighborhood hot rod shop by offering the knowledge, experience and quality products at a fair price. Tuckers has what you need for the complete range of projects from the classic show rods to daily drivers and street cruisers, to the ground pounding classic performance cars. Not only does Tuckers serve Southern Nevada, but wherever there is a classic and performance car enthusiast, their products will be shipped with care. Tuckers Classic Auto Parts has knowledgeable and helpful support for all pre and post purchases. When it comes to your need for Chevy truck replacement parts or classic and vintage auto parts, Tuckers Classic Auto Parts is the place to contact