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Understanding SATOP in Springfield, MO

One of the most common questions DWI Springfield receives from people who have been convicted of a DWI in Missouri or who have had their license suspended as a result of a DUI or DWI is whether or not they need to participate in SATOP or Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program. The answer is yes if you wish to have your driving privileges reinstated. According to Missouri law, driving privileges cannot be reinstated until participation and completion of SATOP have been achieved by the defendant. The Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program of Missouri has four different levels of treatment ranging from a 10-hour alcohol awareness class to 51 plus hours of substance abuse counseling.

This article examines the fees associated with this program along with an in-depth look at the varying levels of treatment and the steps required to begin and successfully complete SATOP in Springfield. If you would like more information about SATOP contact DWI Springfield. Additionally, we recommend taking SATOP in Springfield at Missouri Alternatives, you can reach them at their office at (417) 883-7227.

What is SATOP?

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According to the Missouri Department of Mental Health, SATOP is a network of accessible, community-based education and treatment options that are offered statewide to persons who have been arrested in Missouri for alcohol and drug-related driving offenses. There are over 200 locations where people can complete the screening process to be referred to a multitude of various SATOP treatment and education programs, like Missouri Alternatives.

How Much Does SATOP Cost?

The prices listed below are the current prices as listed by the Missouri Department of Health. These prices are subject to change and prices may vary for SATOP in Springfield. The fees that are connected to SATOP include the supplemental fee and the service level fees. Depending on the level of service required by your infraction and the court ruling will determine the total cost.

Supplemental Fee

All persons who enter into the SATOP program are required to pay a $126 assessment screening fee at the time of their appointment. A $249 supplemental fee must be paid in addition to the assessment screening fee at the time of their assessment. This fee is deposited into the Mental Health Earnings Fund. Both fees, which total $375 are due at the time of the assessment screening.

Service Level Fees

Within SATOP in Springfield, there are four different levels or treatment programs. Depending on the nature of the charge, the results from the assessment screening, and whether or not this is a first-time offense will factor into what level the individual must complete. The four levels and their fees are as follows:

  • Offender Education Program (Level I) – $200
  • Adolescent Diversion Education Program (Level I) – $200
  • Weekend Intervention Program (Level II) – $467.45 (additional $6.70 for materials)
  • Clinical Intervention Program (Level III) – $1067.42
  • Youth Clinical Intervention Program (Level III) – $510.20
  • Serious and Repeat Offender Program (Level IV) – $1500 (additional costs may apply)
  • Traditional Treatment (Level IV) – price varies depending on services performed

Financial assistance is available to individuals who qualify. Discuss your options with an accredited SATOP treatment center or when you get DWI help in Springfield from the attorneys at DWI Springfield.

Springfield SATOP Procedure & Treatment Levels

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The SATOP procedure is relatively simple. The defendant of the drug or alcohol-related traffic offense must first complete an assessment screening at an Offender Management Unit. Once they have completed the assessment they will be placed into the appropriate treatment level.

  • Offender Education Program & Adolescent Diversion Education Program –  Both of these programs are designed for lower risk persons and serve as more of an educational service than a treatment program. In this 10 hour education course, some of the topics that will be covered include the legal implications of a DWI charge, the impact of drugs and alcohol as well as, how to avoid driving under the influence in the future.
  • Weekend Intervention Program – This 20 hour intensive program is completed on-site and consists of intervention methods and educational tools introduced over the weekend through structured activities. This program is generally for a person who has at least two DWI offenses or for an individual that needs counseling for alcohol or drug abuse.
  • Clinical Intervention Program –  The Clinical Intervention Program is created for individuals with more than three or alcohol-related traffic infraction.This program is a 50-hour outpatient counseling program that addresses impaired driving for 10 of those required hours. This program consists of both individual and group counseling sessions.
  • Serious and Repeat Offender Program – This program requires at least 75 hours of outpatient treatment that must be completed within 90 days. Completion of this program is determined by the program’s staff and is based on the performance and needs of the individual working through the program.

If you need DWI help in Springfield or require assistance to find the right SATOP in Springfield, contact the law office of DWI Springfield. We will help fight for you no matter what leg of the journey you are on.