Website Development in 2019: Making Your Business Stand Out

Whether you own a physical business or plan on launching a web-based startup, having a website is almost a requirement these days. More than ever people have instant access to information, products, and services that are literally at their fingertips.  This contemporary business model is not just a phase. Websites have outsourced word-of-mouth marketing (see Brand Reputation Management), phone books, newspaper ads, business cards, etc and they continue to dominate the advertising market. In today’s business world your website acts as a “virtual storefront”. Your website is your cyber handshake to potential customers and is your space for connecting one-on-one with your customers and selling them the products or personalized services they need. 

Businesses that hope to thrive in this digital world must continue to implement innovative and captivating marketing strategies that will continually drive more lucrative traffic, thus increasing revenue and establishing a business with staying power.  

The first step in creating a business website that can keep up with the ever-changing world of the web is teaming up with an experienced web developer or a web development team. Opting to work with a web development team, like Arcane Marketing, that uses the latest technologies and design trends to build a website that is both globally responsive on all internet based electronics and user-friendly is critical to your business’s future in the seemingly volatile world of Internet Marketing. 

Making Your Vision A Reality

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As SEO strategists and skilled social media and brand reputation management agents,  our experienced web-developers employ the same cutting-edge tools and data-driven decision-making processes to develop a website that seamlessly executes your design vision and meets your unique online needs. Our web development services allow us to create websites that are:

  • Responsive and Engaging – The websites we create for our clients are fully responsive meaning they are optimized to render in a way that is user-friendly and engaging across multiple electronic devices. Regardless if your customers use their iPhone to find your business or a PC at home, you can rest assured that you’re always meeting your ideal customer on their ideal platform. 
  • Dynamic – It’s estimated that 58% of small businesses who currently do not have a website plan on creating one. With this in mind, it makes sense that you will need a website that is innovative, impactful and features upgrades and continuous adjustments to not only keep up with but transcend current trends. Arcane Marketing is able to create dynamic website development strategies by working intimately with our clients to understand and implement their vision. Additionally, our website development team is dedicated to their craft by pursuing on-going education to stay on top of the latest, constantly changing information. 
  • Straight Forward – When we build you a website, it’s important to us that as the business owner, you are also able to update your site regularly or even write your own blog post if you so choose. This is why we specialize in website development that uses WordPress software.  In addition to building you a website on an easy to use platform, WordPress’s limitless ability to design unique and inspired fully customizable sites is what makes it our “go-to” web development software. 
  • Relevant – Here at Arcane Marketing our specialty is online marketing, namely SEO(Search Engine Optimization). What this means for website development is that we understand the importance of remaining relevant through fresh, SEO optimized content that is both engaging and helpful to your audience. Since WordPress began as a blogging software in 2003, there is a built-in blog for all WordPress websites. This is the perfect location to publish content such as written articles, infographics, videos, etc. in order to link potential leads back to your main website. 
  • Fueled By Data – Building a website that will meet your business goals goes beyond looks. While an eye-catching website is one of our first goals, our main goal (and we think you’ll agree) is getting your business leads and then turning those leads into successful conversions. A successful could be anything from a  sell, a download or even a completed contact form. We are able to achieve this by using professional insights to drive our marketing strategy. Implementing the data we gather from tools and methods such as Google Analytics, Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, Industry Analysis, Conversion Rate Optimization and Search Engine Rankings to name a few, is how we have designed websites for countless businesses that do what they are meant to do.
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If you’re ready to start building a website that will put you ahead of your competition and become your best salesperson or if you want to level-up your current website, we invite you to speak with Arcane’s web development team, by either calling : (208) 938-5988 or emailing us at Additionally, feel free to browse our website to discover the other online marketing services we offer.

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