What Are Spark Aligners?

orthodontic professionalThe Spark clear aligner system is the latest development in orthodontic treatment. It is a clear, flexible dental device that straightens teeth and helps you achieve a better bite.

Unlike other aligners on the market, these do not stain or cause discomfort by being too rigid. They have been designed to be more comfortable for patients while providing the same benefits as their competitors with advanced technology like TruGEN™ material, which makes teeth straightening easier than ever before!

Clear aligner therapy is quickly replacing conventional braces for many reasons.

Problems With Traditional Braces, & Why People Are Turning to Spark Aligners

Conventional braces are a common way to straighten teeth, but the wire and bracket system takes a long time to work. In addition, they can cause gum recession, tooth decay, bleeding gums, ulcers of the mouth and lips, chipped teeth, food trapping between brackets or wires resulting in bad breath and poor taste.

What Makes Spark Aligners Different?

Spark is becoming the leading aligner brand, and for good reason. Spark Aligner is made with TruGEN™ material that allows them to be clear so you can see your progress as they straighten your teeth.

They are also comfortable because the clear aligners do not rub against your cheeks or gums, unlike conventional braces which can cause a lot of pain! And unlike conventional braces that take eight to 18 months for full treatment results, you will experience faster results with Spark.

How Do Spark Aligners Work?

Spark works by gently moving your teeth towards their ideal position, resulting in straight teeth. When you move them to the right place and bite down on them once they are finally in place, you can even feel and see a better alignment of your teeth.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Spark Aligners?

Spark has many benefits for both adults and children:

  • They are made from TruGen™ material which is transparent and flexible as well as durable
  • You can remove it whenever you like (if you want to eat or brush your teeth) without any repercussions
  • The aligner moves with your teeth, so no strain on neck muscles!
  • You can wear the aligner for a day, a night or even longer, depending on where you are in your treatment

Are These Quality Teeth Straighteners?

Absolutely! With advanced technology like TruGEN™ material at its core, these are quality dental appliances made for comfort and lasting results. Furthermore, they are safe for enamel and gums since they don’t contain BPA or latex. They also have patented laser-cut edges that offer increased patient comfort while maintaining oral integrity as they do their work.

Invisalign vs. Spark Aligners

When people think of clear aligners, Invisalign is typically the product that comes to mind. After all, it’s been around for decades and is a great product for effective tooth movement. Many people even talk about Invisalign and Spark Aligners synonymously.

Both Invisalign and Spark are great clear aligner systems. That said, Spark has additional features that can easily sway someone to choosing them over Invisalign retainers.


While both Spark and Invisalign retainers are more comfortable than conventional braces, Spark aligners offer increased comfort and less strain on the patient.

Spark uses a proprietary, custom-fit technology to create aligners made from medical-grade polyurethane.

They are flexible and durable, yet stronger than other aligner types such as traditional metal braces or Invisalign retainers. This means they can be adjusted more easily for a proper fit, which equates to better treatment results in a shorter amount of time.

Spark is built with patients’ comfort in mind. It has a low coefficient of friction that naturally grips teeth comfortably without needing a lot of pressure from the patient’s side during use.

This is important for patients who need to use aligners longer than the standard time, particularly in cases requiring posterior or molar correction.

Spark is comfortable because it’s designed specifically with each patient in mind using 3D scans of a person’s teeth and bite. No two smiles are alike–Spark treatment plans account for unique anatomical features, such as protruding front incisors, to achieve a better fit and comfort during alignment phase wearing time.


In addition to being comfortable, Spark has fast adjustment times. The average case takes just nine months with an average of 4.9 weeks per stage. This includes the initial 3D scan and impressions, changes in Spark Aligners at each stage, and delivery of the new aligners.

Clear Aligner Material

Spark is made of a combination of polyurethane and silica, the leading aligner material for many reasons. The technology is based on years of research by the company to improve its current aligner lineup. It started with aligners made out of traditional metal, but consumers disliked how they felt in their mouths and they could cause headaches if they wore them too long.

The invention was developed using a 3D printer, which allowed for rapid prototyping. This gave researchers an unprecedented number of opportunities to test different designs for fit, comfort, appearance and function before improving them for commercial use, which Spark patients have found to be much more comfortable and effective.


When it comes to appearance, Spark has an edge over traditional metal aligners because it’s printed in a translucent material, which allows light to pass through. This makes the aligners virtually invisible, or otherwise gives them a unique and noticeable color and causes them to take on the appearance of clear braces.


The team behind Spark Aligners believes its materials and printing technology for this product could lead to applications we haven’t even thought of yet, such as printed prescription lenses, replacement parts for appliances or toys, medical implants, and other devices that can safely be controlled by other 3D printed products.

Which One is Right for You?

Choosing between Invisalign and Spark isn’t difficult. The best thing you can do is visit your Idaho Falls orthodontist who offers one or both and talk to them about the various advantages/disadvantages. They can help you decide which is right for your situation and either recommend Spark clear aligners or Invisalign.

With Spark Aligner offering a new option for people with serious orthodontic issues, many are wondering if its plans are compatible with plans already taking place in the market with Invisalign and other related products. They are! Spark does not require continued use and is not incompatible with Invisalign or even traditional braces, so there’s no concern in switching back and forth between them when needed.

Spark clear aligners are an incredible advancement in the industry of orthodontics given their affordability, ease of use, comfort, and safety.