What Are Vehicle Wraps?

What Are Vehicle WrapsYou’ve seen vehicles with vinyl wraps around town. Sometimes they display messages, images, or a combination of both. 

Simply put: vehicle wraps are vinyl sheets displaying customized graphics that are applied to the painted surface of a vehicle.

Vehicle wraps may partially or entirely cover a vehicle, and there are generally 2 reasons people get them.

  1. Vehicle customization – They are often used for displaying graphics that simply look cool and enhance the way a vehicle appears.
  2. Business promotion – Vehicle wraps are typically used for business promotion – they will include a business name, logo, and contact information in the unique color scheme of that business.

What Are The Benefits Of Vehicle Wraps?

Vehicle Wraps For Business Promotion

Vehicle wraps show that yours is the vehicle of the business they contacted when you arrive. Plumbers, landscapers, and similar businesses typically use vehicle wraps for this reason.

Beyond that, they are also mobile advertisements for a business. People see vehicles every day, and they’ve seen the same vehicle hundreds of times before, but with your business contact information in full display, your vehicle is bound to turn some heads.

Vehicle Protection

Vehicle wraps don’t do any damage to your paint job – quite the opposite. They actually protect it from all of the elements that lead to wear-and-tear on your vehicle’s surface, such as rocks, dirt, and harsh UV light from the sun.

Vehicle Wraps Are Reversible

Getting a vehicle wrap isn’t anything like getting a new paint job. It can be removed easily without damaging the paint underneath. 

This makes updating your vehicle wrap (if your business information has changed, for instance) very easy.

Most vehicle wrap installation can be done in as little as a single business day. If you need to get a wrap installed, removed, or replaced, your vehicle won’t be out of commission for long.

Vinyl Wraps Are Cost-Efficient

One way to look at a vehicle wrap is that it’s an investment – it will help you draw in more business and thus make you more money in the long run

With that said, vehicle wraps are actually much more affordable than you might think – typically less expensive than a custom paint job.

Finally, vehicle wraps help maintain your vehicle’s resale value. As stated above, they protect against the normal elements that lead to degradation on your vehicle’s surface over time – when you decide to sell your vehicle, have the wrap removed and it will look brand new.

Wide Variety Of Vehicle Wraps

With so many different designs, colors, and finishes – not to mention the virtually limitless potential styles of graphic design – you’d be hard-pressed to find something that couldn’t be displayed on your vehicle.

How Are Vehicle Wraps Installed?

What Are Vehicle Wraps

The vinyle wrap is applied to the vehicle with a simple heat gun. 

The wrap covers the entire vehicle during this process, so afterward, sections of it have to be cut away around the door jambs, windows, and trim detail.