What You Need to Know About Off-Roading in the Desert

So, you want to begin your off-roading journey. It is a great way to spend time with family and friends. Living in this country allows you to enjoy millions of acres of public land where you can explore and off-road to your heart’s content. It is a fun and exciting way to get out and experience nature at its finest. Off-roading may start out as a hobby, but be aware, it may turn into an addiction. However, sometimes if you’re unprepared it is more of a headache than fun. It shouldn’t be this way. Often, the headache comes from not having the right accessories or St. George off-road parts for your vehicle. Contact Red Desert Off-Road to get the St. George off-road parts you need.

Off-Road Parts in St. George that You Need

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You should not attempt to go on an off-road adventure without at least a superficial knowledge of some of the accessories that you will need on your vehicle. There are certain accessories and parts that can help you have a more enjoyable experience off-roading. The following accessories can be helpful for your first outing:

  • The Right Tires -They are a must for off-roading. Having good tread will allow you to get the traction you need on steep, muddy, or rocky conditions. Also, good tires can help you stay out riding while others with highway tires may be stuck in the mud all day.
  • Skid Plates – Protecting the bottom of your vehicle is essential to keeping you out driving around. Rocks and trees can often damage the bottom of your vehicle, even if you have great clearance.
  • Lift Kit – Extra clearance is never a bad idea. Rocks and other objects may test the height limits of non-lifted vehicles. However, a lifted vehicle will have a greater chance of being unscathed from mother nature than a stock vehicle. It can be an essential St.George off-road part. Off-Roading For Beginners, an article for the newcomers, suggests that “Performance lift kits are much more suited to off-roading environments and will give you that extra flex that you need when you’re out four-wheeling.”
  • Air Compressor and Tire Patch Kit – You never know when your tire will be punctured by a rock or a stick. Having an air compressor and a tire patch kit will keep you off-roading all day long. It is also a good idea to let some air out of your tires before beginning your day. This will often depend on the terrain you are dealing with. At the end of the day, you will need a good air compressor to fill your tire to the recommended PSI.
  • Gear to Get You Unstuck – It is inevitable that eventually you will be stuck and need a way to get out. A winch is a great tool to help you get out of a sticky situation. In addition, ropes, chains, cables, and many other St. George off-road parts are essential tools in getting you unstuck. If you are caught off-roading without some way to get unstuck, it may end up being a very unpleasant experience for you.
  • Body Armor This can protect your off-road beauty. You probably are really proud of the off-road vehicle that you have created. Protecting your vehicle and accessories with Line-X can keep them protected from whatever you want to throw at it. Body armor is not only practical but it looks great and adds monetary value to your vehicle.

This list presents some of the St. George off-road parts that can make your off-roading experience more enjoyable. The outdoors are meant to be enjoyed. The only thing holding you back is a few accessories and knowing some safety tips to keep you and your party safe.

What are Some Safety Tips That You Should Know Before Going on an Off-Roading Adventure?

St. George off-road parts
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In addition to St. George off-road parts, you will need some information and accessories to stay safe while off-roading. You should contact Red Desert Off-Road for help with any of your off-roading needs. Safety tips are almost as important as some of the parts that you will needs. Staying safe and healthy will allow you to have a stellar time. It is important to have your vehicle in top working condition. The last thing you need is to have a break down in the middle of nowhere. Driving Line suggests some tactics to stay safe while off-roading. They say, mentioning just a few of the suggestions, it is important to have enough water, tell someone where you are going, and stay with your vehicle if you have a breakdown. All of these are extremely important to keeping you safe.

It is also important to have a way to navigate the area that you are going to. A GPS, map, and compass can be a lifesaver. If one falters, you can use the others to get you to safety. Also, it is a good idea to know the area where you will be off-roading. Looking at maps or satellite imaging can get you familiar with the country. This can help you avoid certain areas and you can know where you are located at all times.

Not only is having enough water important but having enough fuel for your adventure is essential. You must be aware of your fuel level. If you know the area well, you will be able to know how many miles you will be traveling and can plan accordingly with the fuel you will need.

An essential to your St. George off-road parts is an emergency first aid kit. It is always a wise decision to pack for the worst. This means having all of your first aid essentials as well as enough clothing to keep you protected from the elements. Finally, keeping a watchful eye on the weather can keep you safe and out of trouble.

Which Type of Desert Trail Should You Seek for Your First Trip?

There are many off-roading trails in the Southwestern United States where you can put your St. George off-road parts to work. Specifically, there are many trails in Utah, Nevada, and Northern Arizona region. There are thousands of acres in these regions that are owned by the BLM or National Forest Service. Public lands are for us to use and enjoy. These trails are calling your name. They are anywhere from beginner to difficult. You can pick the trail that would be best for your knowledge and skill. With the proper accessories and parts, you will be able to learn any of the trails in this region of the country.


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