Traffic Control Equipment Rental

Where Can I Rent Traffic Control Equipment In Sacramento California?

It’s not very often that most people are in the market for rental traffic control equipment, especially after last year’s pandemic. As COVID’s grip on the nation slowly begins to loosen and events begin to happen again, the need for traffic control equipment is going to increase. Whether it be a local block party, parade, or something else, you somehow have found yourself in charge of, you’ll be in need of some traffic control equipment! Never fear, there’s plenty of places around Sacramento that are more than happy to rent out much of their equipment. Below is a short list of several locations around sacramento where you can rent traffic control equipment.


Capitol Barricade

Capitol Barricade has been serving the Sacramento community for decades having been locally owned for over 40 years. As a result, they really know what they’re doing! Capitol Barricade has countless options for rental traffic control equipment, from barricades of all kinds, to warning signs, temporary traffic lights, electronic message boards and more! All of this equipment is kept on hand at their location here in Sacramento in order to better serve their customers. Furthermore, if you’re looking for some more custom traffic control signage, they can make it for you right there as well. Capitol Barricade is our top choice for traffic control rentals in sacramento. With an easily accessible location at 6001 Elvas Ave, and a full service set up and tear down option, they can keep the traffic control renting experience as quick and painless as possible. Give them a call at (916) 451-5176.


D&M Traffic Services Inc.

D&M Traffic Services is another great option for rental traffic control services. They are a larger chain operating out of California with a location in Sacramento at 2337 Lexington St. They don’t offer rental of the equipment alone, but they do provide a full service set up, and teardown service for special events. Other than the setup and teardown for services they only offer to sell the equipment, making them less of an optional choice for those of us planning events.  Check out their website to learn more about their services.


Trench Traffic & Supply

Unfortunately we are scraping the bottom of the barrel with options for Traffic Control Equipment rentals in Sacramento. Trench Traffic & Supply is the third major carrier of traffic supply equipment in Sacramento California. Unfortunately They do not provide a rental service, but are strictly a traffic control equipment manufacturer and safety trainer. Any equipment you leave here with will need to be purchased, making them the most expensive option of the three, but a good one in the long run if you are intending to continue to hold frequent events. They can be found at 2175 Acoma St. Just actress the river from central sacramento.


Whatever the event you are planning we wish you good luck, and hope this has helped you find all you need to fill your traffic control needs!