Why Choose a Landscaping Company for Lawn Care In the Fall?

Business owners and homeowners alike should understand the importance of a well maintained lawn. This is especially important in the commercial realm, as a beautiful, healthy lawn conveys a sense of quality and success, drawing more people to your business. Your lawn can say a lot about who you are.
However, life can be busy, and when all of your time and energy is being spent on the important things – work, family, and leisure – the last thing you probably want to do is focus on the difficult tasks required for a well-maintained lawn.

That’s what the professionals are for.

There are a number of lawn care services you will want to consider, especially in the fall. Having a professional landscaping company perform these tasks is always a good idea, as it’s their job to ensure both the immediate and long-term health and appearance of your lawn.

Services to consider around autumn include:


Aeration is performed by perforating your lawn’s soil. This allows for more air, water, and nutrients to circulate and become absorbed by your lawn, ultimately enriching the soil and providing more of what your grass, bushes, trees, and other plant life need to thrive. Aeration is often required for lawns with highly compacted soil.

Consider aeration services if your lawn:

  • Looks brown, patchy, and thin
  • Has water puddles after rain or watering
  • Sees a lot of traffic (either from people or vehicles)
  • Was created with sod (this often results in heavily compacted soil)

A simple rule of thumb is: If it’s difficult to stick a screwdriver or pencil into your lawn, you probably require aeration.

Having aeration services performed in the spring is a good way of preventing excess soil compaction, which will make your lawn less able to recover from its winter hibernation in the spring.

Pruning & Trimming

Late fall is the best time to have your trees and bushes pruned and trimmed, and hiring a landscaping company to do so is a wise idea, as they tend to know what it takes to ensure a healthy yard throughout the winter and to guarantee a quick recovery in the spring.

As the weather becomes colder, plants enter a dormant stage. This period of inactivity when plants stop growing, combined with the dropping temperatures, creates the ideal setting for pruning and trimming. As trees and other plants shed their leaves, flowers, and other growths, their underlying structure is revealed, and this structure can be pruned and trimmed in order to ensure proper growth in the spring.

Seasonal Clean Up

Before winter hits, it’s a good idea to have a professional landscaping company “winterize” your lawn. This can include clearing out debris, dead plant material, and trash, which becomes compacted due to snow and forms a thick layer of “thatch” on your lawn, making spring recovery more difficult.

Many landscaping companies can also winterize your sprinkler system, preventing damage to pipes as a result of frozen water. This alone can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs in the spring.


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