Why is Your Windshield Wiper Fluid Not Coming Out?

On most cars, the flow of windshield wiper fluid can be interrupted by a variety of problems. Before rushing to the nearest auto repair shop, you should see if you are able to figure out what is causing the problem. You may be able to restore the flow of fluid without hiring a professional mechanic.

Why is Your Windshield Wiper Fluid Not Coming Out?

If you can hear the pump running but no fluid is flowing, it could be one of three things:

The Reservoir is Empty

This is the most obvious thing to check right away. Lift the hood and look for the plastic wiper fluid reservoir. You should be able to see the fluid level. If there are no clear markings on the side of the container to indicate that the level is low, consult the owner’s manual for specifics. David Stanley Hyundai car dealers Oklahoma City repair specialists can replace the fluid for you but the job is simple enough for most people to do in the garage at home. Fluid is inexpensive and sold at most local auto parts stores.

Hose or Connector Failure

Check the black rubber hoses attached to the reservoir for leaks. Remove the t-junction between the two hoses and turn the washers on. If you hear the pump operating but the fluid is not flowing, there may be a blockage in the reservoir.

The Reservoir Filter is Clogged

Flushing out the filter involves removing the reservoir and using an ordinary garden hose to flush away any dirt and debris. If you clean the filter, check the hoses and fill the reservoir but still cannot get the fluid to come out, a qualified mechanic at a Hyundai OKC dealer can help you diagnose the problem.

If you cannot hear the pump running when you push the button, the problem will require a little more effort than just refilling a reservoir with fluid.

Make Sure the Pump Fuse Has Not Burned Out

All fuses will burn out eventually and need to be replaced. Locate the fuse box using the illustrations in the owner’s manual. The manual will also indicate which fuse is responsible for operating the wiper fluid pump. Most dealers who sell OKC used cars can test a fuse in just a few minutes. If the fuse is bad, simply replace it with a new one and the fluid will come out of the nozzle and your problem is solved. Auto parts stores and most car sales Oklahoma City dealers sell affordable fuses for replacement.

Check the Electrical Systems for Shorts

If you have investigated the problem and exhausted all other options, there may be a problem with the electrical system. This is a much more serious situation and one that most car owners do not have the expertise to fix by themselves. An electrical system is something that should be left to an auto repair technician with the experience and skill to diagnose the precise problem. If you do not know what you are doing you can create far bigger problems that will be even more expensive to repair.

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