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Why You Need An Outdoor Kitchen In Tampa, FL

Cooking is generally a wonderful experience! You get to spend the evening preparing an incredibly enjoyable meal. Try something new, or make a time tested classic. And to top it all off, the table becomes a gathering place for families and friends to gather, share experiences, laugh, and build memories. In a way, cooking kind of holds us together. 

On the other hand, somehow, cooking seems to be trying to pull us apart. 

The cook is banished to the kitchen, during the summer the heat practically runs you out of the place, and in the spring and fall, it’s just too beautiful to stay indoors. Putting in an outdoor kitchen is a surprising solution to almost all there is to hate about cooking. 

Engaging With Your Friends and Family

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All too often, the cook of the family is isolated from the happenings of the house before and around mealtimes. The solid walls, small ports, and windows keep you insulated from noise and excitement. While this is desirable in a refuge or retreat, It can often leave you feeling alone and excluded from the events of the family and friends. Putting in an outdoor kitchen solves the problem of banishment experienced by many cooks in a way that a window or port never can. An outdoor kitchen puts you in the middle of the action. Free to comfortably sit with friends and family outside and talk, partake in the games, and laughter. You can be a part of the evening without sacrificing food and that unique bonding that happens around the dinner table. Additionally, having an outdoor kitchen drastically reduces the amount of time you need to spend cleaning up after cooking. Granting you even more time to spend with your friends and family.

Cooling off

Cooking indoors in the summer can be a killer experience sometimes. After running the oven for a minute, you can be pretty sure it’s cooler in the oven than it is in the kitchen. The walls of the house trap the heat, cooking you right along with the rack of ribs. Putting in an outdoor kitchen in Tampa, FL solves this problem as well. Now you can cool off a bit outside, letting the heat stay out where it belongs, and the house stays cool. 

To Enjoy Those Cool Evenings

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In Tampa especially, when it’s not raining or blazingly hot and humid, then it’s time to get out of doors and enjoy that weather. Nothing beats cooking out on a beautiful cool evening while the sun slowly sets with your favorite tunes playing softly through the sound system. If that isn’t a reason to put in an outdoor kitchen, then I don’t know what is! It’s the perfect way to entertain any company. But if that’s still not enough reasons for you, allow me to list a few more. Installing an outdoor kitchen raises the value of your home. Additionally, it helps keep unwanted smells out of the house, keeping it smelling fresh and clean.

Where to get your Outdoor Kitchen in Tampa

The optimal location to plan your future outdoor kitchen is right here at Paradise Grills in Tampa, Florida. Paradise Grills is the largest outdoor kitchen manufacturer and distributor in America. They will work closely with you to determine the perfect setup for you and your home and build you an outdoor kitchen that will last you a lifetime. 

Paradise Grills is not a contractor, however, and so, the price of installing a Paradise Grills system is far less than that of a completely custom-built setup. But the quality of a Paradise Grills Outdoor Kitchen far exceeds that of competing pre-built outdoor kitchens. Most competitors build on thin gauge metal stud frames that are held together by self-tapping screws, making this frame vulnerable to warping and sagging. Paradise Grills, however, builds all their Outdoor Kitchens with welded tubular steel frames (The same kind of frames installed in race cars of all motorsports). The great strength provided by frames of this construction allows Paradise Grills to offer a lifetime warranty on their products. The only warranty of it’s kind in the industry. 

The choice is clear for your outdoor kitchen, stop by a Paradise Grills Showroom in Tampa, Florida.