Window Treatment Strategies for Pet Owners

We all love our pets, but let’s face it: they can be destructive. Dog and cat owners know this can be especially true when it comes to window treatments like blinds, shades, shutters, and draperies. This is of course to be expected with a new cat or dog, but even older, better-trained pets will sometimes wreak havoc on window covering for a number of reasons – boredom, anxiety, or simply suddenly wanting to look outside.

In this post, we’ll cover some great ways of keeping your pets from destroying your window treatments.

Strategies for Cat Owners

Choose Durable Wood or Faux Wood Blinds & Shutters

Cats often spend a lot of time at the window, and while there, they are often easily distracted and entertained by blinds or shutters. Plastic blinds don’t stand a chance against the onslaught of a cat. Cats often chew square spots from the outer slats of plastic blinds to get a better look outside. Durable wood or faux wood is a far better option. 

Avoid Low-Hanging Fabrics

Unfortunately, there’s really no convenient or aesthetic way of cat-proofing draperies. If you own a cat, it’s best to go for durable wood or faux wood blinds and shutters. There are ways of cat-proofing these, and they temp cats far less than fun, climbable drapes.

Ways To Deter Cats from Windows Altogether

  • Choose a specific window for your cat: You can close all window coverings in your home but leave one window without any window coverings at all complete with toys and knick-knacks that he or she likes.
  • Purchase Shades: Shades can be a great option for cat owners because they can be seen as less tempting by your cat. They also don’t collect hair very easily.
  • Choose cordless blinds and shutters: Cats are often attracted to window coverings because of their cords.

Strategies for Dog Owners

Vertical Blinds

Dogs have a far more difficult time breaking or bending vertical blinds because there’s really no way for them to put much weight on them. Dogs can also see outside through vertical blinds much easier, so they won’t be tempted to destroy them just to get a good look at the mailman.

Cellular Shades

These work well with certain dogs. Cellular shades can cover up the entire window and thus don’t allow them to see anything that’s going on outside. Some dogs don’t see these as obstacles to anything and thus ignore them.

Plantation Shutters

Dogs can usually get a decent view outside with plantation shutters and so they are less tempted to paw or bite at them.

Wide Slat Wood Blinds

These offer a lot of space for dogs to see outside. That said, you should only go with wide slat blinds if your dog is well-behaved, as they can snap under pressure easier than other blinds. If this is to happen, new slats for these blinds can be ordered and installed relatively easily.

Window Treatments to Avoid

  • Aluminum Mini Blinds
  • Small Slat Blinds
  • Corded Blinds
  • Puddle Drapes
  • Wood Blinds with Cloth Tapes