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know the rules for article submission

  • You NEED to read, understand, and accept our disclaimer about the information contained in your article that is being submitted to Please click here to see this page.
  • The content needs to be a minimum of 900 words. No exceptions.
  • Please submit your article with HTML markup already included.
    • Please DO NOT add an <h1> heading tag in your mark-up – at all. The <h1> is controlled by the page title automatically. Adding an <h1> tag to your submitted article will be removed.
    • Please DO NOT add any <div> tags. Adding an <div> tag to your submitted article will be removed.
  • Please include a title to your article.
  • You must include at least 1 <h2> tag somewhere in the middle of your article as a topic/sub-topic header.
  • Please, please, PLEASE use correct and proper grammar. Use spellcheck or have someone proof-read it. This is so important! Poor grammar will be cause for denial of approval.
  • No more than 2 backlinks may be used in your article.
  • The article must be completely original. No copied or already published content may be used, unless you site the original source via a link.
  • You are required to submit an image that goes along with your article topic.
    • The maximum size of the image file is 3 MB.
    • The maximum pixel size of any submitted image is 600 px height by 600 px width. Images not following this size standard will be rejected.
    • You are only allowed a maximum of 2 images in your article. The image you upload will be used as the featured image. Make sure your 2nd image does not exceed the size limit.
    • The preferred image types are .jpg or .png
  • The biggest success of this article/blog post is going to be based on how many people will find it helpful and share the information. Remember that this should be shared via social media by you (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc…). We also STRONGLY encourage you to build your own links to the article on once it has been posted. We highly encourage you to use the social sharing links contained in each article for sharing.
    • If you’re utilizing and submitting an article for SEO benefit, that’s excellent! The more well written and organized your content is, the better it will perform. The more traffic you can draw to this article after it has been published, the better value it will provide. Time on site, source of traffic, and the links/social shares it has are ranking factors for Google. To gain the most value out of this article, do your part to submit links to your article.

Once the article has been submitted, it will be reviewed and potentially posted within 5 business days. Please check back for the link and feel free to promote as you see fit.

*We reserve the right to make minor edits or adjustments to the content or images to fit the style and type of this article site as we deem necessary. One advantage of this SEO article directory is on-going link building. This will build and enhance domain authority, trust authority, and overall value. All articles approved and published on will be permanent. **If you’re interested in a long-term home page link, please contact us for cost and terms. Thank you!

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