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10 of the coolest Wilding Wallbed options available in Phoenix

Wilding Wallbeds is your number 1 Arizona wallbed store. Our Murphy Beds are built with the finest solid hardwoods and top quality furniture grade ply woods. We offer a lifetime guarantee with our wallbeds and have many great options to go along with them. Here are some of the best:

1 – Storage Headboard
Your Wilding Wallbed comes with the option of a storage headboard that features a split storage area that will access from either side. This option will increase your bed depth by 7” in the closed position. It’s big enough for pillows, additional bedding and more. Also, you can include our Storage Headboard Bookshelves that attach above the headboard and room for all sorts of items. Check it out here:

2 – Lighting options
A touch light system is a must-have for your Wilding Wallbed. The lights fit into the bridge board of the wallbed with all power cords hidden away inside the cabinetry and it easily plugs into any standard outlet. The lights are designed to automatically shut off when you close the bed so they will not be left on. See more about the lighting options here:

3 – Antimicrobial Protection
This is a new one. Wilding Wallbeds now offers an Antimicrobial Protection option using Sherwin-Williams finishes with Microban® Protection. This was originally a product for hospitals and clinics, but is now available for individual consumers. This provides protection against mold and mildew. Plus, it won’t have to be reapplied because it doesn’t wash off or wear away. Antimicrobial Protection is the next step in leaving you with greater confidence and peace of mind with your Wilding Wallbed. More information is available here:

4 – Safety Locks
Another great new feature available through Wilding Wallbeds is a Safety Lock system for all Studio Series Murphy Beds. This key-lock system is located out of the reach of children on each side of your bed. The locks will prevent the bed from coming open when you don’t want it to. Read more about this at :

5 – Slide Out Night Table
Who doesn’t want a night stand next to their bed? That’s why Wilding Wallbeds has a Slide Out Night Tray option with any of our side cabinet choices. It is basically a portable night stand … there when you want it and it can slide away when you prefer to have the space. It’s a perfect way to make your guests more comfortable. See the photos here:

6 – Murphybed Drop Down Desk Table
This drop down table attaches to the face of most vertical Wilding Wallbeds, giving you a surface that ranges from 36-48 inches long and 30 inches wide, depending on the model. Unlike other bed tables, this one has the capability to lock in the up position when the bed is up, or just lower the table into the working position. Not the case with other table that have to be in the down position when the bed is up. The lock is positioned at more than six feet high to be out of reach of small children to prevent table opening accidents. This table is not compatible with all wallbeds. For more information, go to

7 – Removable Pillow Guards
This is another example of what sets Wilding Wallbeds apart. You’re not going to get a good night of sleep if your pillow is goes missing during the night. At Wilding, we want to eliminate this frustrating problem. We have two options for pillow guards. See them here:

8 – Power Wallbeds
The Wilding Power Wallbed is a piece of cake. Lift the bed up or put it down with the touch of a button. It uses a track system that drives in or out from the bottom in a crawling motion. This allows it to stand alone and function properly without even being attached to the wall. Learn more about Power Wallbeds here:

9 – The Studio Desk
This is available with most of our Studio Series Murphy Beds. The Wallbed lowers without moving the desktop so you can leave your items undisturbed, up to nine inches of clearance. Note that power outlets are not available on the studio desk because of clearance restraints. Go to for a video showing how it works.

10 – Bunk Beds
The kids will love our Murphy Bunk Beds. They need room to play and with this style of bed, they’ll have it. Our bunk bed system can also easily accommodate adults, making them a great option for places like cabins, dorms, fire stations, etc. These beds operate with the dependable and “whisper quiet” piston lift system that is guaranteed for life and come with a three sided guardrail on the upper bunk. See how they work here:

For Arizona wallbeds and Murphy beds in Phoenix, Arizona, look no further than Wilding Wallbeds. For more information, or to make your purchase, give us a call at (866) 540-3173.

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