Brand Advertising

5 Ways To Advertise Your Brand Visually

So, you’ve decided on a visual brand that’s perfect for your business. It’s unique, it represents what you do, the color scheme gives people the right impression… Now, the next step is getting it out there for the world to see. You need to leave your mark. 

Here are 5 ways of doing that.

Vehicle Wraps

visual brandingTake your business on the road. Your car, truck, or semi can be a mobile advertisement for your brand. 

Think about how many people see your vehicle every day. It’s probably hundreds, maybe even thousands, but to them it’s just another car. It doesn’t register consciously. 

With a customized vehicle wrap, on the other hand, people will pick your vehicle out from the crowd. You’ll be getting your logo, name, and contact information out to the world every time you drive somewhere.

Business Signs

Whether it’s a billboard or a sign outside your building, you need to find a business that will manufacture it to your exact specifications. Billboards in particular are a great way of calling attention to your business as people drive back and forth on their daily commutes.


These can be used for many different purposes. The right business banner is great for:

  • Marketing conventions
  • Advertisements
  • Promoting an event at your business
  • Hanging up in a mall or other place with heavy foot traffic

Whether you want vinyl, nylon, flex face, or poly banners, there are plenty of businesses that can develop these for you.

Dimensional Letter Signs

This can be a classy way of advertising your business. These are individual letters cut and formed from metal, wood, plastic, and even foam. You can have these letters designed in virtually any style and color. This gives your business name a 3-dimensional quality and lends a little more character to your business sign.

These are the kinds of signs you’d typically see in lobbies, offices, stores, and other interior areas.

Display & Point-of-Purchase

visual brandingThis is the kind of thing you want at a business or marketing convention. There are numerous options to choose from in this regard, including:

  • Fabric Display Graphics – This is custom-print fabric containing your logo. It can be made into flags, table covers, and more.
  • Pop-up Displays – These are simple, lightweight, and easy-to-assemble.
  • LCD Displays – These are message boards that can display graphics and video clips in full-color.
  • Point-of-Purchase – With your brand name, logo, and information on a point-of-purchase display at a business or marketing convention, you can draw in more potential customers.
  • Panel Display – This is a great option for trade shows, a panel display board made of high-quality fabric will display your information to lots of people. If you’re going to be occupying a local fair booth or in-store convention, you need one of these.

How To Get Started

If you’re like most people, you can’t create this stuff on your own. Fortunately, there are plenty of sign and graphics shops that can get the job done for you. This investment will pay off greatly in the future.