6 Reasons Why You Need an Outdoor Kitchen in Orlando

Have you ever thought about adding an outdoor kitchen to your Orlando-area home? Although they can be expensive, owners of homes with outdoor kitchen and entertaining spaces can receive a great payoff in terms of desire to spend time outdoors, ease and comfort of entertaining, and home value. Keep reading to discover six reasons why, if you live in Orlando, you need an outdoor kitchen!

  1. Beautify Your Backyard: Installing an outdoor kitchen and bar area is a great way to beautify your backyard and make it more pleasant to spend time in. From top of the line grilling stations to bars to outdoor fireplaces, there is no limit to the design possibilities for an outdoor kitchen!A few outdoor kitchen design ideas that are especially popular right now include:
    • Mood-Setting Lighting
    • Fire Features
    • Including Accessories (i.e. Sinks & Side Burners)
    • Planting Herbs Nearby
    • Incorporating Umbrellas or Tiki Huts
    • Click here for more outdoor kitchen design inspiration
  2. Expand Living Space: When you have an outdoor kitchen, you are confined to the indoors no longer! Beautifying your backyard by creating an outdoor kitchen and entertaining area is a great way to create additional living space, all without having to build an addition onto your home. Having a comfortable place to relax outdoors also can help encourage you and your family to actually spend more time outside, helping you to truly take advantage of your entire property.
  3. Make Entertaining Easier: One of the most common reasons why people don’t entertain more often is that they don’t feel that they have a good place to entertain or that entertaining is more work than fun. Building in an outdoor kitchen and entertaining area can help fix that! Just as adding an outdoor kitchen and entertaining area expands your personal living space, it expands your entertaining space as well! Additionally, being able to cook and prepare food outside allows you to spend more time interacting with your guests as opposed to continuously running back and forth between the kitchen and entertaining areas. This can help make your party more enjoyable for you as the host. By making entertaining easier and more enjoyable, your outdoor kitchen can help encourage you to invite guests more often, translating into more memories with the people you love.
  4. Add Value to Your Home: Adding an outdoor kitchen is not only an investment into your own happiness and enjoyment, but adds value to your home as well. Alternatively, if it comes time to move and you do not want to part with your outdoor kitchen, you can actually take some pre-built outdoor kitchens and bars with you! The pre-built kitchens offered by Paradise Grills, for example, are moveable without compromising durability or style.
  5. Take Advantage of Beautiful Orlando Weather: One of the many great things about living in the Orlando area is being able to enjoy beautiful summer weather throughout most of the year. This means that having an outdoor kitchen in Orlando has an especially big payoff because you will be able to enjoy your investment far more frequently than those who live in less favorable climates. By investing in an outdoor kitchen and entertaining space, you will be able to truly take advantage of living in the sunshine state as you expand your living and entertaining space and spend more time in the outdoors!
  6. Save on Energy Bills: Did you know that having an outdoor kitchen can actually help you save money on your energy bills? It’s true! When cooking inside during the warmer months (which constitute a large part of the year in Orlando), heat is produced. As a result, more energy has to be spent keeping your home a cool and comfortable temperature. Spending more time cooking outside helps solve this problem by releasing the heat produced by cooking into the outdoors rather than inside your home.

If you’re ready to learn more about the process of adding an outdoor kitchen to your home, contact Paradise Grills today by calling (800) 691-7155 or visiting their Windermere showroom. As America’s largest outdoor kitchen manufacturer and a company with a rating of A+ from the Better Business Bureau, Paradise Grills focuses on offering pre-built outdoor kitchens and bars that rival the quality of a custom kitchen without the cost. Paradise Grills offers five different grill system setups and six different bar system setups, all of which can be customized through a choice of finishes, grills, and accessories. Available accessories include everything from functional cooking tools (such as storage, sinks, and side burners) to entertainment enhancers (such as a comprehensive media system and LED lighting system). Paradise Grills also offers four different fire features, which can be customized as well. Contact or visit today to get started on creating your dream outdoor kitchen!


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