All About Murphy Beds

We’ve all seen them before – beds that magically appear and disappear into a wall in smaller living spaces. But, what do you really know about wall beds, or more accurately, Murphy Beds?
In this article, we’ll answer 3 common questions about Murphy Beds that many have wanted the answers to. So, let’s get to it.

What does a Murphy Bed cost?

The Newport Murphy Bed
The Newport Murphy Bed

As is the case with nearly all bed sets, Murphy beds (also known as wall beds) have a wide range in pricing. This wide range in prices comes from several factors including bed style, bed size, mattress quality, and materials used to construct the bed.

Brand new (queen size) bed sets generally range in price from $800 up to $5,000 according to consumer reports. The ‘mean’ or average sum of those figures is roughly $3,000 which is a typical competitive price for a new queen size bed set. Those figures hold true for Murphy beds too, as is reflected in Wilding Wallbeds’ Product Catalog. This means that there’s an array of options in Murphy bed sets to accommodate any household’s economic means.

It’s also important to note that with reputable and trusted Murphy bed retailers, lower price beds do not mean lower quality in materials or craftsmanship. Wilding Wallbeds takes pride in only offering top quality Murphy beds manufactured by skilled craftsmen. Furthermore, Wilding Wallbeds is proud to offer long lasting quality products to consumers working with virtually any type of budget.

How Does A Murphy Bed Work?

A Murphy bed is a bed that is designed to be stored vertically in a wall or cabinet when not being used. That is to say that the bed stores flat against (or into) the wall lengthwise and is concealed within a cabinet or behind wall doors. These beds are invaluable for those looking to maximize a room’s daytime floor space.

Drawbridge's are kind of like Murphy Beds
Courtesy of Francis A Desmares Elementary School

A Murphy bed is usually hinged at the bed’s head-end and has fold-out legs to support the foot-end when the bed is being used. If you’ve never seen a Murphy bed or are not completely familiar with the description of it’s function, imagine a castle’s drawbridge. Now imagine that drawbridge as a bed and the idea of how Murphy beds function will start to formulate. In that respect, the whole concept and design is aimed at getting the bed out of the way when it’s not in use. This style of bed is incredibly popular in studio/efficiency apartments and homes where floor space is severely limited. However, Murphy beds are growing in popularity as an alternative to traditional floor beds in standard homes as well. There’s even bunk bed models where both bunks fold into the wall or cabinet. Murphy bed cabinets resemble tall shallow wardrobes and are customizable to match a home’s interior style. Murphy beds in the past required a few steps to ready for sleeping and were often very heavy to open or close.

Today’s Murphy beds are designed with components (such as legs) that automatically set themselves as the bed is lowered for use. Also, today’s Murphy beds are manufactured with components like hydraulic rams that make lowering and raising the bed easy enough to do (effortlessly) with one hand.

What Is The Best Murphy Bed?

When talking about what brand or style of Murphy bed is the best, the honest answer is that there are a few brands and numerous styles that are excellent choices. This isn’t to say that selecting the perfect Murphy bed is a hassle, it means there are options for you to select the best bed for you. One of these best Murphy bed choices featured in Wilding Wallbeds catalog is the Remington Murphy Bed.

The Remington style Murphy bed is highlighted here because of it’s enormous popularity with customers. And this is for good reason, as The Remington was designed from input from years of customer feedback. Essentially, The Remington is a customer designed Murphy bed. The Remington is thoughtfully crafted in an Autumn Haze finish on Alder wood. This adds to the Murphy beds versatility, as that particular finish ties in with a wide array of pre-existing furniture styles and colors. Also featured on the Remington are two shelving units on either side of the cabinet. Included is a three drawer side cabinet and 20” door and drawer side cabinet, both with slide out night tables. When the bed is stowed, the cabinet with it’s shelving and drawers resembles a classy wardrobe/entertainment center that is as visually striking as it is eye catching. By far, The Remington style Murphy bed is one of the easiest decisions to make when trying to choose the right Murphy bed. For more information on The Remington (or many other styles of Murphy beds), please visit Wilding Wallbeds’ website at


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