auto repair idaho falls

Auto Repair Idaho Falls

Jon’s Auto Repair in Idaho Falls

auto repair idaho falls

Jon’s auto repair in Idaho Falls offers all the the auto repair Idaho Falls residents need at one convenient location. As a local company, Jon’s auto repair has the reputation in the community of being the Idaho Falls mechanic auto owners trust the most. For longer than two decades, the expert auto repair Idaho Falls mechanics provide every day make Jon’s stand out from the rest with personalized service with competitive rates.

The auto repair Idaho Falls provide can repair virtually everything that can go wrong with a car. With Jon’s there’s no need to go to one shop for brakes, another for transmissions and yet another for maintenance. Regardless of the work that needs to be done, Jon’s is a convenient one stop shop for every needed repair.

Whether a car needs brake work done that requires brake pads, rotors and brake lines or if it needs more complicated work like transmission repair or replacement, the Idaho Falls mechanic providing the service at Jon’s knows how to do the job right the first time.

Other services provided by the professional staff at Jon’s include check engine light diagnostics and repairs, oil changes, tire rotations, air conditioning repairs and maintenance, timing belts, suspension repairs, electrical system troubleshooting and repair, and engine overhauls.

Jon’s auto repair Idaho Falls offers guaranteed work on all types of European, Asian and American automobiles, including Volkswagen, so even when their customers change vehicles, they can still depend on their Idaho Falls mechanic for high quality, fully guaranteed repairs and maintenance.

One of the most amazing things about Jon’s auto center is that 24 hour service is available. In a world where seeing an Idaho Falls mechanic available to work after hours is unheard of, Jon’s auto repair Idaho Falls is there, ready to help in the time of an emergency. Of course, some repairs may not be able to be completed overnight, but many can, so don’t hesitate to give Jon’s a call.

Jon’s auto repair is the premier automobile service facility in Idaho Falls. With a solid track record, local mechanics, guaranteed work and flexible hours, there is no need to trust a vehicle to anyone else. The best auto service in the area is just one phone call away, so drivers should make that call today to keep their cars running right.

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