Beautiful and Functional Bedroom Furniture in New Mexico

With long, hot summers and short winters, New Mexico is the perfect home for anyone who enjoys the heat. It’s no wonder lifelong residents and snowbirds alike choose to call this state their home — or their second home. And because this beautiful state is a prime destination for vacationers and snowbirds, many homeowners and renters find that they simply don’t have enough room to maintain a functional living space and still provide sleeping space for visiting family and friends.

Finding Functional Bedroom Furniture in New Mexico

That’s why many people shopping for bedroom furniture in New Mexico find themselves in need of highly functional furniture that allows them to make the most of the space they do have. To help fill this need, Wilding Wallbeds — a furniture manufacturer based in the Southwestern United States — offers a wide range of beautifully crafted bedroom furniture that mixes form and function perfectly. We’re excited to help you find the furniture you need that will let you provide extra sleeping space for visiting friends and family without taking up an entire room with an infrequently used bed. That way, you can have the space you crave in the same room as the extra sleeping area you need.

Unfortunately, we don’t currently have a showroom in New Mexico, but we do provide affordable shipping options throughout the state, which has helped us to become New Mexico’s leading wall bed supplier.

And when you choose to order from Wilding Wallbeds, you’ll never have to worry about getting your money’s worth. Our team carefully crafts every piece of furniture we sell using the strictest quality standards so that you get a top-of-the-line piece of furniture every time. If you’re traveling to St. George, Utah or Southern California soon and would like to see our products for yourself, we encourage you to visit one of our showrooms.

Top Quality Bedroom Furniture in New Mexico

Of course, when many people think about wall beds or murphy beds, they imagine their grandma’s rickety old cupboard bed that they slept on as a kid. Those old standards were enjoyable and memorable, but they may not have been the most comfortable or felt very safe all of the time.

At Wilding Wallbeds, we’ve taken the core idea behind those old beds and made something great. We use the very best materials and building techniques to provide you with a murphy bed that is as beautiful, comfortable, and safe as we can make it. Let us give you a brief overview of some of our favorite pieces of bedroom furniture in New Mexico.

  • The Remington Murphy BedThis beautiful bed features a simple elegance that allows it to fit into almost any type of home decor. Like most of the wall beds we make, it is available in a range of sizes from king down to twin.
  • The Park City Murphy Bed – If you’re looking for a bed that will fit into a home designed to look modernly rustic, this is the bed for you. Of course, the wood finish you choose can and will help the bed to fit perfectly into your home.
  • The Brittany Wall Bed – With its eight panel door design and crown molding, the Brittany is designed to provide a look of simple elegance.
  • The American Craftsman Wall Bed – This uniquely American wall bed uses a mission style bed face and crown, creating a look that is both simple and beautiful.
  • The Tuscany Wall Bed – If your tests are run towards something more intricate, the Tuscany may be exactly what you’re looking for with its wood rosettes, tuscan style hardware, raised panels, and fluted decorative columns.
  • Studio Desk Option – You can add the studio desk option to many of our murphy beds so that you can have a functional desk space that tucks neatly away beneath your wall bed when it is lowered.
  • Murphy Bunk Beds – We believe you won’t find a set of murphy bunk beds that are tougher and stronger than these.
  • Power Wall Beds – With the press of a button, you can access the spare sleeping arrangements hidden inside these beautiful pieces of furniture.
  • And don’t forget our Do it Yourself Murphy Bed Kits allow you to create a murphy bed that is truly one-of-a-kind.

If you’re ready to make the most of your bedroom space, let us help you. Contact us today!


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