Bedroom Furniture in Wyoming by Wilding Wallbeds

Bedrooms are a place in the home that we spend a lot of time in. Have you ever thought about what you would do if you didn’t have the bed in the middle of the room? If you have a queen size bed in the room it takes up 33 square feet. If you have a king size bed, that is 40 square feet. That is a sizeable chunk of living space taken up by something that you only use at night while you are sleeping. What if you could get that space back during the day to have it as a play room, an office space, or that workout room that you have always wanted. Wilding Wallbeds has a unique set of bedroom furniture that is sure to take care of your needs, especially those needs you have of not wasting space in that bedroom of yours. We have a unique set of beds that we sell that hide your bed in a very decorative piece of furniture. One would think that you would have to go to a store to pick one of these up, and that person would be wrong. We ship all over the United States. If you want the perfect bedroom furniture in Wyoming, we have you covered.

What Options Do I Have For Beds In Wyoming?

Bedroom Furniture in Wyoming - Remington Murphy BedIf you are wondering what your options are for bedroom furniture in Wyoming, you are probably not alone. Depending on where you live, it might be a couple hour drive to go see a showroom for what your options are for your home. Wilding Wallbeds has a great selection of furniture to choose from. Here is a list of our Murphy Beds for you to choose from:

Depending on what room you want to put a bed in, you have a wide selection to choose from. The other nice thing about these beds, is that Wilding Wallbeds ships them all over Wyoming. There is not a town or county that we don’t ship these to.

Typical Bedroom Beds

There is no such thing as a typical bedroom. Every bedroom is going to be different. For your office that can convert into a bedroom your best options would be the Brittany Murphy bed and the Studio Desk Murphy Bed. These are perfect for the office transformation because they have tables that are easily accessible to put monitors or papers on to do your work. For your den transformation the American Craftsman Wall Bed, Tuscany Wall Bed, or Park City Murphy Bed are your best options. The great things about these beds is that they are stylish and they have a place in your den and keep the look and feel you like in your den. If you want bedroom furniture in Wyoming for you kids rooms or other rooms in your home then the Do It Yourself Murphy bed, Power Murphy bed, Murphy Bunk bed, and the Remington Murphy bed are your best options. These beds allow their slick design to keep the room nice and tidy. It keeps the invasive nature of beds to a minimum so that you can fully maximize the space of the room that it is in.

The Look You Want For Your Room

Bedroom Furniture in Wyoming - Murphy Bunk BedThe best thing about these beds is that they come in a variety of woods so they can go along with whatever you have in your home. The types of wood that these come with are:

  • Oak
  • Alder
  • Maple
  • Mahogany
  • Cherry

The great thing about Wilding Wallbeds is that they have been in the wall bed business for years. Each of their beds comes with a stamp of authenticity. This verifies that each of our beds comes with the highest standard that you can trust. The quality you get from our beds is un-matched in the industry. We care about what you want and need in your home. Quality is what everyone wants and deserves and it is what we can offer to everyone in Wyoming, no matter how remote you are.


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