Disadvantages Of Buying Used Discount Tires

A good set of tires is essential for a safe and comfortable drive. Worn tires can skid in slippery conditions like rain and can also damage your car rims. That’s why regular replacement of tires is necessary. Discount tires can appear to be a great bargain, but the disadvantages overshadow any benefits of buying used discount tires. Here are a few disadvantages of buying used tires:

Uneven Wear
The stability, safety and road grip of a tire depends upon its tread pattern. Those fine lines on your tire are what give the tire a grip on the road and provide traction. Inconsistent maintenance and bad driving habits can cause uneven wear of the tire’s tread. Before buying a used discount tire, inspect carefully for wear in the grooves of the tire. A simple penny test done in several grooves provides a fair idea about the wearing of the tire treads.

Repaired Tires and Patches
The used tires did not end up in discount shops by chance, there was a reason their old owners gave them up to buy better tires. Used discount tires may have prior patches and in some cases, can almost be like a sieve. Buying such a tire would mean frequent hassle for the new owner.

Increased Petrol Consumption
Poor tire traction on the road increases petrol consumption and reduces the car’s mileage. Even an optimally maintained car performs poorer with worn and used tires. A few more bucks to buy new tires instead of used discount tires can help you save a lot on fuel.

Online Discount Tire Lies
If thoroughly inspecting the tire before buying is not possible, better not buy it. Avoid buying cheap tires online on websites like eBay because the actual product may be much more worn than the picture and the seller tell you.

Car maintenance costs run high these days. If you want to save money while buying a set of tires, it is a better idea to go for a cheaper manufacturer and buy new tires as compared to buying used discount tires of a better brand. Take regular care and even the discount tires will run for miles before they need replacement.

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