Does CBD Oil for PTSD Do Anything?

CBD oil is effective for treating a variety of issues such as chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as mental health issues including anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic attacks, and PTSD. It does not cure PTSD but it can ease or eliminate symptoms associated with PTSD and make it easier to live with the condition.

In many cases, doctors recommend medication to help a person deal with PTSD but, for many, this is not the best option. They don’t want to commit to taking a medication long-term or they don’t want any of the negative side effects that are sometimes associated with PTSD medications. There are natural treatments available for treating PTSD and CBD oil is becoming one of the most popular.

What should you know about using CBD oil for post-traumatic stress?

What Is PTSD?

First, it’s important to understand what PTSD is and whether or to determine whether or not you suffer from it.

PTSD is short for a post-traumatic stress disorder. In nearly every case, a person will develop PTSD as a result of being involved in a traumatic experience or situation. The event might have occurred in the recent past or it might take years for PTSD to develop from an event in the past.

Anyone can develop PTSD, but some communities are more at risk than others. For instance, a lot of military veterans have PTSD because of the experiences they had while they were serving their countries. This is especially true if they were in combat situations. It’s difficult for a person to process the horror of combat and having to live with certain images in your memory can cause mental illness.

PTSD affects a person both physically and mentally. They often think about the trauma and relive the memory in their mind over and over, either consciously or while they are dreaming. Their body also reacts to the memory, despite no longer being faced with any harm. In many cases, it’s as if the person with PTSD’s body and mind process the event once they are out of harm’s way.

Symptoms of PTSD sufferers can include nightmares or night terrors, hallucinations, trouble concentrating, mood disorders, and violence.

Thought PTSD cannot be cured, there are treatments for people with PTSD available to help alleviate the long-term effects. The symptoms can be managed even to the point that they no longer interfere with a person’s ability to lead a happy and fulfilling life. The better PTSD symptoms are managed the easier it is to move on from the past and achieve all of your goals.

Like with cannabis, CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular for helping people manage the symptoms of PTSD.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil or cannabidiol comes from hemp plants. It is linked to cannabis and medical marijuana because of its source but it is not the same as marijuana because it does not contain THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. CBD oil is not pot, it is not a hallucinogenic, and it will not make you high or get you stoned. It comes from a plant that is in the same family as marijuana but is not the same.

CBD oil is a compound that is considered an effective treatment for a wide variety of health issues. It promotes relaxation, can help alleviate pain, and regulates mood. It has been shown to aid in treating epilepsy and other acute and chronic illnesses. It is all-natural and produces few if any negative side effects. Most people find they are able to use CBD safely and effectively without it interfering with their wellbeing in any negative manner.

How Is CBD Taken to Help with PTSD?

There are several ways you can take CBD oil to aid in treating PTSD. Many people choose to vape CBD. This is done through a vaping device, sometimes called a vape pen. It is the same tool many people use to help them quit smoking. Vaping CBD means you can mix the oil with different flavors, but some people prefer it in its natural form.

Keep in mind when you are vaping you are not burning or smoking anything. Vaping heats the liquid and creates a vapor that is inhaled.

Vaping is the most direct way to introduce CBD into the bloodstream. CBD users also have the option of using it as a tincture, applying it in spray or gel form, or ingesting it via a capsule or gummy chew.

CBD is effective in all of these forms, though some find different methods to be faster or more effective based on their personal preference.

How Does CBD Help PTSD?

CBD functions similar to the body’s natural endorphins. Introducing CBD into the body is similar to getting a boost of endorphins like you might experience when exercising. This doesn’t mean it makes you high or unnaturally affects your body, it simply boosts your mood and helps you feel happier, more relaxed, and at ease.

Instead of focusing on PTSD memories, you’re able to move past them and not allow them to interfere with your body’s natural desire to find homeostasis and feel comfortable and uplifted.

There is also evidence that CBD can help boost levels of anandamide, a compound some research has shown PTSD suffers don’t have enough of in their bodies. Properly balanced anandamide helps a person regulate his or her mood and feel more in balance mentally and emotionally.

CBD also has been shown to ease anxiety, which is one of the most common symptoms suffered by PTSD patients. CBD can help slow the brain down so the person is not over-processing or feeling on edge in response to every circumstance.

CBD is perfect for people who are unresponsive to medication for treating PTSD or for those who would rather go a natural route with treatment to avoid unwanted side effects. CBD oil has very few negative side effects and can actually promote better health overall by helping a person get better sleep and by easing mild to moderate aches and pains. Not only does this help them deal with PTSD, it just makes everyday life a more enjoyable experience.

This article by Madeleine Taylor is originally published at SundayScaries.


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