Drive an SUV for Style and Practicality

An SUV, short for Sport Utility Vehicle (like you didn’t know that already!) is a common staple of American drivers. Americans love SUV’s. Even with gas prices soaring many are still having trouble letting go of their big trucks and cars. Simply, they’re hard to let go. They can be stylish and practical.

There are basically two ways or reasons to drive an SUV. Obviously as the article title implies it’s style or practicality. do you want to look good or do you want to get something accomplished. If you want to find a 7 seater SUV then you’re probably not going entirely for style. You likely have a lot of gear or maybe a few kids and baggage that need to be hauled around. Well, it can be very practical and useful to have a big SUV for lugging stuff around. However, you need to measure or try to identify how often you’re actually using the car or truck for what it was intended to do. Are you driving alone or with only one other person 90% of the time? If yes, then you may not really need a big truck or SUV. For that small 10% of the time could you borrow a car or possibly take multiple trips with a smaller car? This might make a lot of sense, both financially and with all of us trying to do our part to “save the environment”.

Now if you want to ride around in style that’s a different story. If you can afford it, the Cadillac SUV’s are really nice and offer tons of stylish and comfortable features. They remind me of a modern man with classic gents watches on and leather shoes especially for driving. Now that’s style. If you can afford to cruise in luxury then this is the way to go! Show everyone on the road you’ve got style but just be sure to keep your eyes on the road. It’s not very stylish when you have to fill out an accident report or file an insurance claim. No one thinks that’s stylish.

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