Get the Advantage of Courier Van Insurance

Courier van insurance is not a normal insurance policy and has been designed specifically for van owners who have a courier service.

When you are using your van for delivering items to businesses or residential homes you need the right kind of insurance.  Courier van Insurance is not the same type of insurance as van insurance.  Courier van insurance has been designed for van owners who do drop off type of work on daily basis. They are required to handle goods and items belonging to other people and drop them off at a specific location or address.

As this entails the courier handling other people’s goods, a great deal of care has to be given not to damage or break them. However, accidents do happen and items can be damaged or lost, so with a courier van insurance policy you get automatic cover for this included in the policy. Normal van insurance is different and does not include this coverage. In the courier business, van owners can choose from haulage cover and hire and reward cover.

Haulage cover will cover the client’s goods that you a carrying in transit to a specific location. Haulage cover does not include personal goods to the van owner. Personal goods are covered in goods in transit policy.

Always compare van insurance deals before committing yourself to one policy. Churchill van insurance is a good place to start looking.

Other van insurance policies are broken down into third party van insurance, third party, fire and theft van insurance, comprehensive van insurance, covering the people who are actually listed on the policy and cover for the entire firm.

When getting a quote for van insurance some companies may offer discounts to companies that have just started up, and those that have a good no claims history and driving record. Other discounts may become available if other types of policies are purchased from the same insurance company.