How a Portable Manicure Nail Table Can Bring More Business to a Nail Salon

A manicure nail table is the most common piece of equipment generally found in nearly all nail salons. It has several similarities with a common desk and it provides the manicurist an adequate and flat work area to service the patron’s nails.

The features of a basic manicure table include a padded hand rest for the patrons’ comfort, ball casters for mobility and ample storage drawers for effective tool organization. The more expensive manicure tables come with additional features like polish racks, built-in electrical outlets and vents.

A manicure nail wood table is usually made of wood laminate for durability and ease of cleaning. However, there are also those that are produced out of glass or steel. Their prices range from $100 to $1000, depending on the vendor, additional features and the material the table is made of. Many high-end manicure tables come with nail dryers which allow the patron to dry the nail polish after the manicure.

A salon that accepts mobile services will save both time and effort with a manicure mobile table. These portable tables take as little as a minute or two to set up but can conveniently hold all the necessary equipment for the kind of nail service the client has requested. A patron could request for a simple French manicure including a massage, and the portable table would contain all the needed equipment easily.

A portable nail table will truly be an asset for a nail salon business that is considering some expansion. Potential customers will have an impression that the salon offers a wide variety of professional services. It also works around the patron’s schedule and thus provides the salon a greater business advantage over others that are rooted in one location and don’t offer mobile services.

Nail salons with mobile services can earn more as they provide other options that go beyond the conventional salon business. Clients usually rate this kind of mobile service with two-thumbs up, and with that, more satisfied customers equates to a lot of repeat business.