Mold Removal in Jackson, WY

Your home is an amazing and precious place; after all, that’s where you not only spend a significant majority of your time, but where you and your family create memories that last a lifetime. 

A home is a happy place, a place most people enjoy and feel safe in, so taking care of your home should be just as important as taking care of yourself. When something is broken and damaged, the first step would be to assess the damage and fix it, which is precisely what you should do. For example, If you or your family were sick or not feeling well, you would go to a doctor, and more than likely take medicine or take the proper procedure to help relieve the symptoms and eliminate the problem. So, when faced with a problem at home, such as mold aiming to take care of as soon as possible as any other matter will give you the best results. 

One of the biggest problems seen in homes can be disastrous and frightening when you’re unaware of what to do, and its commonly known as mold. Steamatic specializes in mold removal in Jackson, WY. If mold is currently in your home, you must take care of it as soon as possible. Long term mold exposure can be deadly. Continue reading to learn more about how mold in Jackson, WY can impact your home and health. 

The Silent Killer

As dangerous as it sounds, with the proper professional equipment, people, and time, mold can actually be removed without a trace left behind and with your home still intact and safe. The first and most significant step is to remove mold in your Jackson, WY home before it even has the chance to spread and potentially become a much bigger problem.

Left unfound and ignored, it can rot away wood surfaces and cause indoor pollutants that can potentially lead to dangerous and scary health issues in the long run. 

Mold(s) is a form of fungus. There are many different types of mold, and they can form and spread in indoor and outdoor areas. Mold can produce spores, which ultimately spreads by fluctuating around in the air. Mold spores are seen in all indoor environments. There is no real way you can prevent spores, and unfortunately, they can often endure in conditions where mold itself can’t grow. Mold spores thrive in environments that are moist and warm, so when they find a damp spot, they will begin to grow. Molds may grow on many different surfaces, which can include fabric, paper, wood, glass, and plastic, as they grow, they might digest the material they grow on.

When you find mold in your Jackson, WY home, you’ll want to act fast, mainly because waiting to get rid of the mold can cause extensive damage to your home, and cost a fortune in home repairs. On average, professional mold remediation can cost you anywhere from $500 to $6,000, but if your mold problem is severe, it can range to over $10,000 to fix your problem. Because mold can be dangerous for your home and your health, removing a mold infection from your home might be the wrong way to go, especially if you don’t have the proper equipment or are unaware of what to do. In mold infection cases, it’s best to hire a professional to remove mold from your household. Steamatic has been servicing the Jackson, WY area for years. We provide restoration and cleaning services, including mold remediation in Jackson. Call us today if you believe mold may be growing in your home. 

If you find mold growing in/on your drywall, trim, or any unfinished wood surfaces, as well as if the affected area is more than 10 square feet large, it’s best to hire a mold investigator so they can find the origin and extent of the mold problem. Hiring a mold investigator can also help you find a lead or recommendation on a reliable and good mold removal company in Jackson, WY, that can fit your budget and needs. A lot of companies will work with third-party inspectors instead of doing the investigation themselves. It’s always wise to check the credentials of a potential investigator because the industry can be unregulated. When hiring an investigator, they should have the proper certifications and coursework for mold remediation. They should also have the proper credentials, like CIH or CIEC.

DIY Mold Removal in Jackson, WY

If you are aiming to remove mold yourself, and want to remove the mold in a more eco-friendly way, one solution you can use is vinegar. 

Vinegar is a great eco-friendly cleaning product you can use for mold removal. While the smell of vinegar can be strong and sometimes pungent, it can work wonders to rid your home of mold spores. When/If you use vinegar as a mold removing service, you should use a bottle to spray directly onto the infected area and let the vinegar sit for a few hours. *

You can also use a variety of different mold removers sold in stores, as well as using a bleach product to remove mold. You should always use gloves and clothes that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty in as well as face masks specifically made for mold removal protection. Any sponges or cleaning materials you use in the mold removal process should be placed in a heavy-duty garbage bag afterward and thrown away. Removing mold from your home can be tricky, and a time-consuming task. Even if you decide to remove the mold in your home yourself, contact a restoration company who services Jackson, WY and the surrounding areas to at least get a second opinion that all mold has been removed from a professional.

 Call Steamatic today, to get a complimentary mold assessment of your home. 


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