Sheen Genie Metal Polish

Sheen Genie Metal Polish

A Metal Polish Worth Looking Into; Sheen Genie

It’s interesting that the metal polish industry has been so stagnant for the longest time. Many of the big name brands for car and metal polishes that you already know have not changed the formulation of their products for as long as 60 years! The fact that you have to work so hard to get your wheels, aluminum dashboard, steering column, tool box, fuel tanks, engine blocks, or aluminum radiator to look good is a mystery. Hasn’t technology advanced enough in the last 60 years that we can improve how this all works? YES! The guys from Sheen Genie took that challenge to heart and formulated a metal polish that not only takes minutes, but isn’t hard to use and is rouge and petroleum free.

So many different metal polishes simply work to clean and polish by using harmful acidic chemical ingredients and scratching that can ruin protective layers on your metal’s surface. While these metal polishes can work remarkably well at removing oxidization and color, polishing the metal and filling in cracks can take extra time and elbow grease. We want to introduce you to a metal polish worth checking into; Sheen Genie. With Sheen Genie metal polish you can very quickly remove coloring, bluing, or oxidation from any metal surface without having to worry about harmful acidic chemicals or extensive buffing and polishing after you have applied the solution.

The idea with Sheen Genie and the reason it was formulated was because it takes substantially less time and energy to get your metal surface back to a high gloss without much effort. Additionally, you can seal the metal surface with the Sealer + Repellent and your polished look will last for up to 6 months. That’s crazy good!

Sheen Genie works from the moment that it’s placed on metal. Simply wipe it on with a cloth, give it a few moments and then wipe it off. Almost no buffing is needed after you apply the metal polish cleaner. Sheen Genie works to effortlessly remove any of these defects from the metal and leaves it absolutely smooth and shining.Chrome metal polish for motorcycles

The revolutionary part of this system is the additional product.  It’s a sealer solution that is used after the polish has been applied and wiped off. The sealer works to give the metal a special slickness and to fill in any minor scratches or defects. With the sealer applied your metal will have an extremely smooth finish and with a minimal effort. Unlike other products were you may have to polish for several minutes to buffet any scratches or purchase a separate sealer that may react harmfully to the polish, these two products work together to achieve amazing results. It’s fun to see when any dust or dirt has collected on the metal, and effortless puff of air will remove the dust.

After the sealer has been applied it can protect metal surfaces by forming an invisible barrier that protects against spots, dust and minor scratches. Far less dust and wear will affect the metal surface after the sealer has been applied. This sealer also works for up to 6 months and is great for protecting a variety of metal surfaces including cars, motorcycles, boats, industrial equipment, tools and many more metal products.

With over 100 years of development that have gone into creating a product without harmful acidic ingredients, the Sheen Genie is composed of over 30 different space age ingredients to deliver a high-gloss all metal cleaner. Feel free to use it on all types of metal products including diamond plate, brass, magnesium, copper, gold, aluminum, chrome and more. Sheen Genie is also keep resistant working in temperatures up to 600°. This means it won’t flake off or cook off when used on engine parts or your exhaust. It leaves no residue because there are no solvents to leave a greasy residue like some other metal polishing products. The best part about Sheen Genie is that you don’t need to buff it off, the solution works all on its own to deliver high-quality results. Just wipe on and wipe off. It’s really just that simple.

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It’s our recommendation that you check out Sheen Genie metal polish today. Sheen Genie dares anyone to compare their metal polish against any other of your favorite brands. Also, come back and let us know what you think of it. We’d like to hear back from you.

If you’re ready to grab some of the best metal polish you can find, click here to see the store to acquire your set of Sheen Genie Metal Polish!

Below is a video of a quick demonstration about how Sheen Genie actually works. The demonstration is shown on an aluminum pop can. They make great demos because it’s made out of machine press, pure aluminum, and even has milling marks on it. Sheen Genie’s metal polish will not only clean the metal and remove oxidation, but will fill in the micro scratches and make the bottom of the Pepsi can smooth. How hard is it to do that with your standard use metal polish (hint: you can’t):

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