Signs and Custom Parking Lot Stencils

Signs and custom parking lot stencils mark out lines and help to give access and safety instructions to drivers and passengers. Use custom stencils to display traffic messages, enhance parking lots, and mark out parking line spaces, floors, and essential areas.

At Capitol Barricade, we create various parking lot stencils and signs that make your customers’ parking lot safe for their clients. We have stencils of different letters, numbers, words, and widths that meet your specific project type. Our company also has a parking lot stencil kit you can use for painting parking lots.

Each kit incorporates 26 alphabet letters, number stencils, directional arrows, handicap stencils, etc. If you can’t find the exact stencil you want, we can create a custom pencil.

But, before you shop for parking lot stencils, there are a few things to consider. Hang around to find out.

What to Look for When Buying Parking Lot Stencils?

Here are a few things to watch out for before shopping lot stencils.

The stencil material

Manufacturers can use cardboard or countertop material to make parking lot stencils, but the best material for making them is low-density polyethylene plastic (LDPE). Many parking lot stripping companies prefer this material over others because it is:

  • Stronger than cardboard and unlike countertop material, more flexible
  • Very easy to clean, handle, durable, and it’s reusable. You’ll have a little “overspray” on the stencil when you spray the stencil. Allow it to dry, bend the stencil, and the overspray will pop off, leaving you with a brand new parking lot stencil.

In cardboard stencils, when you have an overspray, it soaks in, making it difficult for you clean and reuse them. Lot stencils made from any countertop material are rigid and will break if you try to bend them.

Also, if the countertop material is not smooth, the overspray will tightly hold it; after you clean it, you won’t get a new look. Over time, the overspray will accumulate and affect your work quality.

Place online orders and shop the best parking stencils for your pavement with Capitol Barricade. Contact us and receive emails containing our latest catalog, and orders ship for free.

The stencil’s thickness

There are 10 Mil, 30 Mil, 60 Mil, and 125 Mil thicknesses.

10 Mil thickness is too thin, and the stencil may fly away when a little wind blows it. Since it is not heavy, the stencil can shake when applying paint.

Also, a lightweight stencil will not lay entirely flat, allowing the paint to fall on areas above the sidewalks, giving you a poor finishing.

60 Mil and 125 Mil are the best thicknesses.

Parking lot stencils with 60 Mil thickness are for occasional purposes. These stencils are delicate for schools, hospitals, and part-time parking lot stripping companies.

125 Mil parking lot stencils are durable and for professional parking lot stripping companies.

The edge distance of the stencil or overall height

Stencils with an overall height of “18” are pretty much okay. Apart from preventing overspray, it’s intense. A 2 edge distance may not be safe if you aren’t too sure about spraying the parking stencil.

But a 3″ edge distance is better. For example, a 12″ no smoking stencil would have an overall height of 18″. There’d be a 3″ edge distance on top of the 12″ lettering and a 3″ edge distance beneath the 12″ lettering.

For a durable painting, consider using at least 3″ edge distance on 12″ lettering or more than for larger parking lot stencils because of its strength. Visit our site, create an account for free, search for any item, and shop immediately.

Essential Things to Note Before Spraying Stencils

  • Ensure you do not paint on the stencil but through the stencil. Paints will waste if you apply them to the stencil. While the paint is moving, it can drip off the stencil.
  • Spraying stencils with a worn spray tip or a spray tip with a vast fan usually waste paint.

Cleaning Parking Lot Stencils

A cleanly parking stencil delivers a top-notch job. Although cleaning stencils can be stressful, it will help increase their lifespan and make them reusable. Go through the steps below to learn how to clean your stencils properly.

  1. Soften the paint immediately after use. You can soak water-based paints in water, but a more effective approach is to soak them in hot water. If your paint is solvent-based, you can ask the paint supplier to tell you the suitable solvent.
  2. Once you soak it well, the paint should be soft and will detach from the parking lot stencil. Rub the surface with a fluffy, nylon bristle brush to avoid too much roughing up the plastic cover.
  3. Solvent-based paints are usually more rigid, so they may not dissolve well after soaking. It gets terrible and needs scraping. Please use a plastic scraper instead of a metal.
  4. With time, stencils get rough and will have a paint coating, so you need to continue cleaning to prevent the paint coating from over-thickening. Many stencils can be reusable, provided the paint openings are visible.
  5. After cleaning, keep the stencil in a way it can lie flat.

Shop Parking Lot Stencils and Signs Online

Parking lot stencils and signs help control traffic and ensure the safety of individuals by communicating messages to them. Are you searching for handicap stencils, custom signs or custom stencils, ADA signs, word text stencils, letter kits, or number kits? Contact Capitol Barricade, as we have all the patterns you may need for painting and marking parking lots stored in their warehouse.

Our reusable stencils are made from high-quality LDPE plastic and are easy to clean. Our durable parking lot stencil and sign come in different number sets, letters, shapes, and sizes. We also provide road stencils with straight arrows, curvy arrows, and a mixture of both. Contact Capitol Barricade as all these products are available in our warehouse.

We can ship selected products for free hence making you shop quickly. You can play with a number or letter stencils by mix-matching them to display messages according to your specification. We can create a custom stencil for you if you cannot find what you are searching for in our catalog.

Our easy ordering process helps you with reusable stencils and signs to paint parking lot pavement, mark roadways and industrial floors, keeping your customer safe. Feel free to send us a message anytime. Even if you need emergency parking lot stencils for your frame, floor, or door, to direct your customers, message us and get it immediately.

You can receive electronic communications via email, video, phone, or voicemail. Capitol Barricade works with Brady corporation company to improve our products’ safety, productivity, and security.

You can use your American Express card to place an order. Expect timely delivery on your first online order, even if you need only one stencil.

Shop high-quality stencils and custom signs for your marking and painting job by visiting any of our offices online at Capitol Barricade today.


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