Stringing Up Loose Luggage

You're running on trail deep within a national forest with the energy of life surrounding and filling you. Your heart pumps mightily as you launch over a dead limb in your path, and your powerful muscles strain as you pull yourself up and over a boulder like a mountain lion to reach the pinnacle of the mountainyour goal for wandering from the beaten path. In a climactic moment of victory, you sit at the peak, taking in the breathtaking panorama stretching out from you on a grid that spans from horizon to horizon. You reach into your bag to retrieve your camera in order to freeze this moment and share it with others, but the camera is gone. A series of questions rush through your mind "Where could I have dropped it? What else did I lose? Why didn't I invest in a canvas drawstring backpack?"

A bag that doesn't fasten is a bag of little value. A canvas drawstring backpack is an excellent choice for athletic outings such as going to the gym or running at the beach. These bags are usually very cost efficient, and the material is lightweight, durable, and will hold safely and securely any personal items placed inside. Some brands to choose from include Thousand Oaks, Coast to Coast, and (as should be expected) a slue of sports brands like Nike, Adidas, and Rebok. On the other hand, if styleabove durabilityis the order of the day, a better option might be along the lines of quilted backpack purses. Not quite as bulky or sporty as a regular backpack, these bags are a more like handbags that can hang conveniently behind your back and are usually made from ornate material, making them both attractive as well as functional. Current brands one might buy from include Marie Osmond, Bella Taylor, and Belvah.

Whichever route you choose to go, whether with a canvas drawstring backpack for athletics and outdoors or quilted backpack purses for a night on the town, you really can't go wrong. You can breathe easy knowing that your cell phone or wallet is securely sitting within your bagright where you left it.