Tequesta Terrace: The Best Senior Living Community

In your search for a senior living community, this article will go over the differences on your options and describe how Tequesta Terrace is one of the best in the country for care and assisted living.

Commonly looked at as nursing homes or retirement homes, there are many specific types of assisted living available for seniors. Depending on the age, medical conditions and physical requirements of the senior, communities can meet those specific needs. It is recommended to find the right community that meets their needs and offers living options to maintain their dignity.

If you’re considering a nursing home, retirement home or other options for assisted living, we hope this information will help you make a very difficult decision. We will go over the biggest differences in finding the right senior care choice and living options for your loved one.

The demand for helping a family member with their daily living can be very stressful and take away from the importance of your own daily life. Assisted living care is a safe option for family members or loved ones to experience an enriched life with daily interaction.

Different Types Of Senior Living And Assisted Living

Independent living is for active seniors who are self-sufficient and require minimal, if any assisted living services. If your loved one requires minimal assistance but wants to socialize, independent living communities are a great option to consider.

There are some other different types of senior living options we will review in more detail. All of these options should provide daily tasks like laundry services, physically active lifestyle, meal services and a focus on overall health. Good communities offer and promote residents to be part of a vibrant community where they can meet other peers in the same area and socialize on site.

An assisted living community provides more focus on daily living for many seniors who need assistance. Assisted living residents should have options for daily needs and activities to promote well being.

Memory care is focused care on senior care for those living with Alzheimer’s or other dementia related conditions. These residents require specialized medical care from a highly trained staff.

Respite care is for short-term stays in a safe environment for senior care. This is great for temporary assisted living options where the resident’s condition may be treated. The community staff will provide everything for the resident to have and enriched daily life while managing medications and other personal care.

infographic of senior living options for older adults credit to seniorliving.org

Why Should Someone Want To Consider A Senior Living Community?

The best communities promote living options with an active and involved lifestyle is a good solution for the resident’s boredom. With your, already busy live, properly caring for a senior may be too much to accomplish on your own . Senior living communities offer the proper level of assisted living for aging adults when you are not able to.

Personalized care should include daily hygiene, laundry, meal services, medication management and transportation to attend medical appointments. Basically everything required to ensure residents have a fulfilled and enriched daily life.

Socialization should have a priority for residents to make meaningful connections in the community. There should be indoor and outdoor areas to meet and converse or play games. Fitness classes and fitness centers should be available for the seniors to maintain physical activity. This is very important for all residents, but memory care residents benefit greatly from this.

Safety and security should also be reviewed while considering senior living options. What features are in place to prevent wandering? Is the community secure from people entering the building? Assisted living communities should provide you with all of their security measures to ensure the safety of your loved one.

Transportation should be provided for seniors to travel in and out of the community safely. There are needs to see doctors and facilities outside of the community. Many nursing homes and assisted living communities provide a way to make those medical facility or doctor appointments in a timely manner.

What Does Tequesta Terrace’s Community Offer?

Tequesta Terrace has living options for many seniors with an active lifestyle. Our community offers an ideal setting for building friendships, developing interests and hobbies. At the resident’s digression, they may choose to participate in daily social activities, entertainment, life-long learning, enjoy the companionship of their neighbors, staff, and visitors, or simply relax in the comfort of their own home.

Here is an outline of a “day in the life” of our residents that cannot be found in nursing homes. Tequesta Terrace is proud to provide:

  • Savor delicious meals in our gracious, comfortable dining room.
  • Take advantage of our fully stocked country kitchen for resident and family use. It’s a great place to have a coffee or snack and catch up with the news!
  • Leave the driving to us with our courtesy-scheduled transportation to appointments.
  • Living free from day-to-day chores.
  • Participate in organized activities such as lectures, current events, arts and crafts, games, clubs, and religious services.
  • Keep fit through exercise classes, walking and yoga.
  • Join outings to cultural events, scenic drives, picnics, boating, shopping, etc.
  • Attend afternoon social hours, teas, live concerts and performances, and holiday/theme parties.
  • Take in a movie in our state-of-the-art theater.
  • Get together with fellow residents, friends, or family in the Club Room, Piano Room, Tiki Lounge, or one of our elegant living rooms complete with fireplace.
  • Get pampered in our salon/barber shop or rejuvenate in the spa tub.
  • Entertain friends and family to make meaningful connections in the private dining room.
  • Receive visits from members of the local community, including students, neighbors, clergy, and pets.
  • Venture outside to sit or stroll in the tropical courtyard.
  • Relax with a book in our library or access the internet in the computer lounge.
  • Enjoy resting, reading, or watching TV in the privacy of your own home
  • Receive assistance as needed with daily activities such as dressing, grooming, bathing, transferring, continence, medication administration, and nursing care.

Many of the best communities for assisted living have much to offer. Tequesta Terrace is unique in its location and level of residential care it provides. The wide variety of services they provide is vast and its memory care program is one of the best in the country.

picture of Tequesta Terrace memory care living options community for seniors.


After reviewing living options for senior residential care communities, you should have an idea what to ask about while searching for your options. Tequesta Terrace rises above other communities. It provides many assisted living seniors with these daily services and perks.

  • Private studios and apartments to suit your needs and budget for assisted living expenses.
  • A variety of spectacular common areas to enjoy indoors and out.
  • Restaurant-style dining serving three delicious, chef-prepared meals a day and snack service.
  • Enriching social, cultural, and educational lifestyle and events.
  • Personalized health, fitness, and wellness programs.
  • Assistance with personal care with health care services such as medication management and nursing. Nurse on Shift 24 hours a day. Housekeeping, laundry, and maintenance services.
  • Courtesy-scheduled transportation and concierge services.
  • Pendant call system and in-room call system to summon assistance. Security monitoring.
  • Sprinkler and alarm system and comprehensive emergency response plan and system with Back-up electrical power generator.
  • Desirable and convenient location.

The primary concern when considering assisted living is the needs and desires of your loved one. It is recommended to go over the details of the community with the potential resident to ensure their hippieness and willingness to stay at that particular community. Tequesta Terrace has great options for assisted living and other care for your loved one. They can answer any questions you may have about any of the services they have available.


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