The Different Varieties Of Leather Gloves

Hand protection is essential in many occupations, sports and even occasions. For instance, they are used by construction workers to minimize palm or finger injuries. They are also used by beekeepers to avoid being stung by bees on the hand. Leather gloves are one of the most common types of hand protection being used everywhere. These are chosen for the comfort, suppleness and strength of leather, although synthetic versions exist today.

One material being used is Peccary leather. It is very rare, being found on wild hogs in South America. As such they are used as fashion statements and for making luxurious gloves. They are the most expensive kind of leather as well.

Another material is Hairsheep leather. As the name implies, they originate from sheep, but only from those who grow hair, and not wool on their bodies. This type of leather is one of the softest, yet durable leathers around. As such they are frequently used to produce dress gloves.

Yet another material is Sheepskin leather. Again they come from sheep, but from those who grow wool on their bodies. As such they are naturally lined with wool on the inside. They are also very common types of gloves. Their main utility is during cold weather as the wool provides good insulation.

One other material is Cowhide leather. It is perhaps the most common type, and because of this, they are one of the cheapest types as well. They are naturally thick and bulky, and as such is not suited for use as dress gloves. They are good to use for casual or work purposes.

Other types exist such as Goatskin, another cheap material for gloves. However, with some animals being more conserved as of late, it is increasingly common to find synthetic leather on stores, even those stores which sell camisetas and other clothing.