The Newport Murphy Bed

The Murphy Bed And Saving Space In Your Home

History of the Wallbed

Murphy beds were first patented around the year 1900 by a man named William Lawrence Murphy. He was a man of style and taste and was in need of some space. The Murphy Bed first came into his mind during the late 1890s. He had fancied an opera singer in San Francisco where he was living at the time.

He was wooing her into falling in love with him. Now, at the time, it was generally looked down upon for a woman to enter a man’s bedroom. This made the situation a bit difficult for Murphy. So he went to work and was able to turn his apartment into a parlor where he could throw parties and entertain people without worrying about being shamed for having a woman enter his room.

The opera singer was able to enter his room because it was now turned into a place where she would entertain others with her amazing voice. One integral part of this change to his living space was turning his bed into a wall bed.

This allowed for him to put his bed away at a moments notice in order to have guests over. And thus the wall bed was born, allowing for people to have all of the space they need with the ease and comfort of a Murphy Bed.

Saving Space With A Murphy Bed

Having a decent amount of space has always been a commodity that people have yearned for since people have been around. The farther along into the future we get, the easier that goal becomes. Since the inception of the Murphy Bed, this has become an even easier goal to achieve.

Murphy Beds provide that kind of space that you can’t achieve with any other type of furniture. What makes them so unique lies in their intricate, yet simple design. They are simply just a bed, but when you want to put them away you can make them “disappear” into the wall, hence the term wall bed.

One of the very neat things about the wall bed is that they are completely customizable. If you want it to fold away into a nice bookcase, that is totally possible. If you want it to fold into shelves for decorating your room, that is also a possibility. In the most literal of senses, the possibilities are endless!

There are many different questions that people ask when it comes to the Murphy Bed. A lot of people wonder if a deck can also be installed on the wall bed. This way you can do the work you need to do from the comfort of your room without even having to leave. And the answer would be yes – that is absolutely something that can be added onto your wall bed.

If you have heard of the “huge” tiny house movement, then you probably know that it is a neat way to live in this current day and age. People are downsizing their living spaces and lifestyles. For some people this is much more comfortable than living in an average home. It is much more simplistic and still can even be very spacious. And yes, a Murphy Bed is perfect for that tiny home. It folds away, revealing an abundance of space.

The staff at Wilding Wallbeds is dedicated to making sure that you get the wall bed you deserve. There are many different styles and options for that customized wall bed that you want, whether it be a wall bed that folds up and allows for a desk to comes down or even have a mini fridge installed in one of the side panels so you don’t have to go to the kitchen in the middle of the night because you are thirsty. Whatever you need, Wilding Wallbeds will have you “covered.”

Fun Tips To Save Space In Your Home

The ability to save space in the home can act as a very powerful therapeutic. It gives you that peace of mind – knowing that you don’t have to worry about extensive clutter. It also just gives your living space that “Feng Shui” that you love so much. Nothing beats a nice spacious living space. Here are some great tips on how to save space in your room as well as your entire home!

Think Upright and Vertical: If you are someone who loves to have a lot of green tones in your house with the use of plants, but you find that you are having some clutter, try hanging plants. Hanging plants are becoming more and more in style as people realize that hanging plants are a great way to have a beautiful and spacious room that people will love to come and see.

Try Flexible Storage: Flexible storage shelves and containers are a great way to save on space as well as being stylish. If you are someone who loves reading, but can’t find anywhere to store all of your books, then this may be a great tip for you. These can be found in many different places online or maybe even at your local furniture store. These also work great in your kitchen area as a spice rack or somewhere you can put your shelf-stable groceries.

Under-stair Storage: This is a more modern form of storage, but it is very effective. If you are someone who has a smaller home, this might be a great new idea to try out. This type of storage, similar to something like a wall bed, is something that can be neatly hidden in plain sight. This is an up-and-coming style of storage.

Fusion Table: This is a very fun and customizable type of storage that you can take in many different directions. For one, if you are someone who very much enjoys a round of pool or two, there is a table for that. It can either be a pool table for game night with friends and family or can be a dining table for when you have dinner.

Play Around with the Lighting: Lighting is a key factor when creating that space you love. Lights can make the specific room you’re working on feel more grandiose. Making it feel as if the lighting is perfect can be a truly great way to light up your day. This can be achieved with the use of broad windows and even skylights! (Making sure you have new light bulbs is also a good way to help with lighting).

Wilding Wallbeds offers many great ways to help you save space in your home. Of course, the best way is to invest in a Murphy Bed. Contact Wilding Wallbeds today to get your order started.