What Your Commercial Property Needs Throughout Fall and Winter

Fall Clean Up

If you live in a northern region and you’re used to seeing long, cold winters in which yard work is out of the question, you might be familiar with the toll this can take on your yard, lot, or commercial property.

If you haven’t cleaned up these areas during the fall in preparation for the winter, the cold, heavy snow that will accumulate on them (sometimes lasting several months) can make recovery in the spring much more difficult. This is true not only in terms of your grass coming out of its winter dormancy, but in the removal of garbage and debris as well.

Here are some things you will want to consider having cleaned up in the fall before winter officially hits:

  • Garbage
  • Junk machinery – including useless parts, metal frames, or other items not worth salvaging
  • Weeds, tumbleweeds and other dead plant life
  • Rogue trees
  • Broken construction equipment
  • Waste

During the winter, snow and ice weighs down on all of these materials, in effect molding them to the ground. This can not only make cleaning junk and garbage far more difficult in the spring – as they have been held into place by layers of frozen dirt and grime – it can also leave a heavy layer of thatch on your yard or field. Thatch is an accumulation of dead weeds, tumbleweeds, and other plant material, which can make spring recovery far more difficult.

If you own a commercial business, fall clean up can be particularly beneficial, as this task is much easier in the fall than in the spring. The sooner your property recovers from its winter hibernation, the better your business will look and the more customers you’ll attract.

If you are busy and simply don’t have time to take care of fall clean up yourself, consider hiring a company who specializes in lot clean up.

Snow Removal

This one is essential for commercial locations, not only for business itself, but for the prevention of injury to person and property. Many business owners are simply too busy to be engaging in this kind of hard work when weather conditions are particularly difficult, much less to be doing so consistently all winter long. Slips and falls might seem like unimportant issues to some, but for older people or those with physical ailments, these are serious concerns. Not only that, but trying to make repairs to certain structures required for the business to operate while there is a high amount of snow and ice can come with an increased risk for electrocution.

There is also the potential for personal injury litigation if a customer or employee slips due to snow and ice not being properly removed. A lawsuit like this can set a business back years, all because of something that could have been taken care of in a day.

At certain points, it may be a better option to hire a company who specializes in snow and ice removal, rather than trying to do the job yourself.


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