Your Solution For High Quality Bedroom Furniture In Idaho

Shopping for bedroom furniture in Idaho can either be fun experience or a headache. If you have been looking for a while in town or on the internet and are still unhappy with your selection, search no more. Wilding Wallbeds has several different styles of Murphy beds and tons of ways to make it fit your home and can guarantee that you’ll be happy with our products.

Wilding Wallbeds Has What You Want For Bedroom Furniture In Idaho

With a design for every taste, we are sure you will find the exact fit for your home. Our selections include:

  • The Remington Murphy Bed: With its four face panels framed with raised hardwood trim, the Remington is one of our most popular beds. Crown molding finishes the classic look that goes well with any room.
  • The Park City Murphy Bed: If you are looking for a handcrafted and rustic look, then The Park City model is for you. With trim crafted after the mission style furniture, this bed is sure to make you feel a part of mountain getaways.
  • The Brittany Murphy Bed: Not only does the Brittany look elegant with its eight recessed-panel bed face, the design allows the bed legs and even a desk to hide in plain sight. The bed will only lower when both supporting bed legs are engaged.
  • The American Craftsman Murphy Bed: The design of the American Craftsman is different than our other models in that the face looks like cabinets and drawers. Of course, we blend in the bed support legs in the upper cabinet handles.
  • The Tuscany Murphy Bed: Just as the name implies, this model represents the beauty and classic looks that are in the Italian countryside. French curves, rosettes over fluted columns, and a solid wood panel face set this bed in a class of itself. The locking legs blend into the frame to give the allusion of a beautifully crafted cabinet.
  • The Studio Desk Murphy Bed: With any of our Studio Series style, the studio desk adds even more function to your murphy bed. The surface of the desk stays parallel while you are bringing down the bed and is ready to use the next morning. This means you don’t have to clear off the desk to use the bed. With a clearance of 9 inches when the bed is in use, just remember to close your laptop before you go to bed.
  • The Murphy Bunk Bed: If you thought bunk beds were cool when you were a kid, we just made them cooler. Our Murphy Bunk Bed is a great space saver for smaller rooms, fire stations, cabins, or even a dorm. With the top bunk rated up to 2400 lbs., even adults can sleep on the top. The beds can be used independent of each other and a solid wood ladder and bed rail are included. Let the sleep overs begin!
  • The Power Murphy Bed: The Power Murphy Bed not only automatically sets up on its own, you can use the bed face as an entertainment center. With a push of a button, the mattress that is stored upright crawls out of bottom of the Wallbed with the use of a track system. When you are done using the bed, push the button and the bed goes back to storage
  • The Do It Yourself Murphy Bed: For those that enjoy building with their own hands, we have something for you too. Our Do It Yourself Murphy Bed is a complete kit sized and milled with all the fittings and equipment you need. You get to apply wood edge tape, sand, finish, assemble and set up the entire wall bed.

As with all our styles, we offer several wood choices and stains for your bedroom furniture in Idaho to make sure it will match the style in your home. We also have several different add-ons to make your bedroom furniture in Idaho fit your home and lifestyle. Every one of our Murphy beds comes with a Lifetime Guarantee so you know that you are getting a quality product that will outlast you. We will ship to any city in Idaho and can help you complete your new room in no time.


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