3 Most Common Kids Health Problems

As parents it’s natural for us to want the best for our kids. The best way to help them be the happiest they can be, is keep them the healthiest they can be. So we’ll briefly cover 3 of the most common kids health challenges that can slow your little Energizer bunnies, how to prevent them whenever possible, and help them to recover quickly when necessary.


Kids Dental Health Problems

Yep. Cavities are one of the most common kids health issues for children. With the amount of sugar and While they may not be as dangerous or lasting as many of the other most common issues a child faces, it is one of the most important. Without learning proper care for their mouth as a child it can lead to much more serious diseases such as gingivitis in adulthood. 


While a lot of the prevention for cavities is just the same old stuff the dentist had been saying for centuries, there’s a lot more that can be done to protect our children from cavities. First and foremost, the best prevention is to avoid foods high in sugars. Many of the foods targeting children today are very high in sugars, making it incredibly easy for cavities to develop.The thinner enamel on baby teeth makes the teeth exceptionally vulnerable to cavity development. When combined with excessive amounts of sugar in the mouth it can allow the natural bacteria found in our mouth to break the sugar down into acidic residue that eats away at the teeth. Careful brushing and flossing every morning and night can save you a lot of time, and money.


The recovery process for Cavities is thankfully quite simple. Any local pediatric dentist will be more than happy and capable of cleaning and filling your child’s cavity. The process is fairly straightforward. The dentist will numb the mouth of your child, clean out the infected sections of the tooth, and then seal it off with a porcelain filling. The process is quick, lasting at most an hour. As well as painless. The numbing effect wears off after 30 minutes to an hour, and your child will be back to happy, and healthy!

Strep Throat

As you may well know. Children are unfortunately disease magnets. Strep throat is one of the most frequently encountered diseases found in children. While not normally severe, some cases can require medical treatment. Strep throat is a bacterial infection that typically resolves itself after a few days with rest and home treatments. But some children are more susceptible to it than others. More severe cases of strep throat if not treated properly can lead to rheumatic fever which often results in lasting heart damage.


Strep throat is most often transferred through coming in direct contact with the mucus or sores of an infected person. The best way to prevent the spread of strep throat is to Wash your hands! Teaching your children to wash their hands well, and wash them often can save them a lot of pain and discomfort in the long run, making it far more difficult for them to get strep throat. Other important habits to teach them are to cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing, as well as not to share eating or drinking utensils with another person. 


Rest, and treatment with oral antibiotics are important to the recovery process for strep throat. As mentioned before. If not treated properly it can lead to rheumatic fever. Consulting your doctor for recommended treatment is a wise decision. If a child is infected with strep too frequently the doctor may recommend that your child get a tonsillectomy, in other words have their tonsils removed. The removal of tonsils for many children can reduce the frequency and severity of their strep throat cases. It does not however make them immune to the disease.Care should still be taken to prevent the spread of strep throat.


The most serious kids health issue mentioned thus far. Malnutrition is one of the leading causes of death among children under 5 years old. according to the World Health Organization 45% of all kids deaths are a result of malnutrition. Malnutrition is quite simply the lack of proper caloric intake. It can manifest itself in both undernutrition, and even obesity. Without the needed energy, vitamins, and minerals, children can become more easily ill. And ultimately will perish.


The two most common deficiencies linked to death in children are deficiencies in vitamin A and Iron. Foods naturally high in vitamin A are cheese, including cheddar, cream cheese, and bleu cheese! As well as Eggs, liver, and seafood! Foods high in iron are your dark leafy greens such as spinach and kale as well as red meats like beef. Increasing your intake of these nutrients can help your children avoid many of the nutrient deficiencies that plague the world.


The recovery for malnutrition is really quite simple. It comes down to making the necessary dietary changes to get the children the proper nutrients. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as locally sourced meats can make a big impact in their dietary health. Often increased caloric intake is associated with the recovery. But decreased caloric intake may be necessary for those suffering from obesity. Consult with a medical professional to determine the cause of our childs malnutrition, and take steps to implement the proper dietary changes.