8 Unique Resources That First Fidelity Reserve Has to Offer

As a collector or investor of precious metal coins or bullion, it can be difficult to know which company to trust. Certainly, not all companies are created equal. Some precious metal coin and bullion dealers may have some unique advantages while lacking others. First Fidelity Reserve, however, is one of the unique companies that has the right blend of resources that create the highest quality client experience. With over 30 years in the precious metal coin and bullion business, the company has seen what works best for their valued clients and has evolved to reflect that. Read on for more information on eight unique resources and advantages that set the company apart and make sure to share with your coin-collecting friends!

1. Mike Fuljenz, Numismatic Consultant and America’s Gold Expert®

Mike Fuljenz, also known as America’s Gold Expert®, serves as the company’s Numismatic Consultant. In this role, Mr. Fuljenz uses the expertise he has gained from over 40 years in the precious metal coin and bullion industry to make coin investment recommendations and produce educational materials to directly benefit clients. Having won over 60 prestigious awards and served as a consultant and contributor for major institutions and media outlets (including The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, The United States Mint, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes), Mr. Fuljenz has truly earned the title of America’s Gold Expert® and is ready to work for you as your precious metal coin expert!

Mike Fuljenz Talks Coin Collecting

2. Educational Resources

One of the greatest benefits of being a client of Mr. Fuljenz and his company is the opportunity not only to receive recommendations from America’s Gold Expert®, but to have access to educational resources created by him and his team. The company believes that clients deserve not only to receive expert recommendations, but to have high quality information on current and future trends in numismatics directly at their own fingertips as well! As a result, Mr. Fuljenz has created their award-winning educational resources such as the following:

3. Focused Quality Offerings

Mr. Fuljenz’s 40+ years of experience in the industry have created a precious metal level of expertise that allows the company to streamline its precious metal coin and bullion offerings and carry only those coins that have historically and are projected to appreciate the most in value. In other words, they don’t waste their inventory space or clients’ time trying to sell you coins that have sub-par market projections, and you can know that any acquisition made through them is a sound one.

Additionally, due to Mr. Fuljenz’s extensive career, he has made invaluable connections with leading industry partners. These connections ensure that Mr. Fuljenz has the first pick when new coins from recommended areas are made available, rather than having to choose from the leftovers. This benefit is passed on directly to the client, who can rest assured that every coin purchased is of the highest quality.

American Silver Eagle - First Fidelity Reserve

4. Huge Inventory

While the types of precious metal coins and bullion offered are more selective, this does not mean that First Fidelity Reserve has a small inventory that will not be able to satisfy clients’ investing and collecting needs. Conversely, while other dealers may not be able to afford to carry the highest quality coins in inventory, Mr. Fuljenz and his company understand that maintaining a large, top-of-the-line inventory is essential to ensuring that clients receive what they need, when they need it. As a result, the company never has to rush order sub-par inventory from other dealers when clients place an order.

5. Trusted Brand

Because of their over three decades of consistently honest, diligent, client-centered service, First Fidelity Reserve has built a trusted brand. In fact, their reputation for honest and professional service led to them being named the official precious metal coin and bullion partner of the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC). The company is also proud to have maintained their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. These partnerships and designations exist as a result of many years of diligence in good business practices. The company is proud to have earned them and committed to continue them into the future.

6. Higher Prices When You Sell

For investors and collectors who are looking to sell some of their precious metal coin and bullion assets, First Fidelity Reserve should be their first choice as well. This is because, in comparison to other dealers, the company often pays higher prices for items that are routinely in demand. Because the company has a large, active client base as well as a commitment to keeping a large inventory, they are motivated to buy when high quality, in-demand coins are made available. For more information on selling your precious metal coins and bullion, call the toll-free customer service hotline at (800) 336-1630.

7. Quality Assurance & Exchange Policy

Because Mr. Fuljenz and the company are committed to providing clients with only the finest quality precious metal coins and bullion, they have instituted an industry-leading quality assurance and exchange policy. If clients are dissatisfied with their acquisitions for any reason after the return period has ended, they may exchange them for coins of the same grade. The new coins will be hand-selected by Mr. Fuljenz himself from the extensive inventory in order to assure that they meet the highest standards of quality.

8. Expert Customer Service Team

Mr. Fuljenz and his team understand that whether you are a novice or veteran coin collector or investor, knowing which purchases make the most sense for you can be daunting. That’s why they have created an elite team of customer service consultants who are ready to assist you. They are well trained and have all of the information on current gold and silver standards at their fingertips. This means you get the most up to date information before you make any kind of buying decision. Whether you are interested in a specific coin, want to sell your precious metal coin and bullion assets, are interested in diversifying your IRA portfolio with precious metals, or simply don’t know where to start, these consultants can help. They are well-versed in the qualities of each of the company’s offerings and are well-trained in investment strategies. They can help you develop a collecting and investment strategy unique to you. Visit their website or call the toll-free hotline at (800) 336-1630 to speak to a consultant to help you with your coin or gold bullion buying.


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