Been in An Accident? Here Are the Pros and Cons of Visiting Your General Practitioner Vs. An Accident and Injury Clinic

If you are experiencing pain or injury after a car accident, you are likely trying to decide where to turn for medical attention. Integrative Physical Medicine in a clinic that specializes in treating auto accident injuries. They have put together a little Pros and Cons list to help you decide whether to rely on a general practitioner or seek out an accident and injury clinic for your treatment.  Keep reading to discover our thoughts on the subject!

Pros of Visiting Your General Practitioner

  • It is likely that you know your general practitioner fairly well and have developed a relationship with them.  As a result, it is likely a comfortable visit rather than a stressful one because you know what to expect and are in a familiar environment.
  • Your general practitioner will likely give you a prescription for powerful painkillers that will help you feel better quickly.

Cons of Visiting Your General Practitioner

  • If you seem to have an injury other than a few scrapes, bruises, or a simple muscle strain, it is likely that your general practitioner will have to give you a referral to see a specialist because they do not have the requisite expertise to deal with more complicated issues.
  • Your general practitioner, who does not spend a large portion of their time treating injuries specific to car accidents, may not know exactly what to look for and may miss hidden injuries that are often missed.
  • Your general practitioner, who is not used to dealing with personal injury claims, may use general and vague descriptions in your medical records that, although typically suitable for medical records, will not be specific or detailed enough for the insurance company.  As a result, you will not receive the amount of compensation you deserve for your personal injury claim.
  • Although the prescription you were given by your general practitioner for powerful painkillers is convenient, it only blocks your pain rather than treating its origin.  Because of this, you will have to continue relying on these potentially addictive and dangerous pills for relief unless the injury clears up on its own or you visit another doctor to have it treated properly.

Benefits of Visiting Integrative Physical Medicine

  • You will be meeting with a doctor who specializes in treating injuries sustained in car accidents.  They will know exactly what to look for and will be able to identify even tricky hidden injuries due to the advanced soft tissue training that they have received.
  • You are visiting the doctor who specializes in treating your issue, no need to receive a referral and be sent somewhere else.
  • The accident injury expert treating you will also have received extensive training in how to properly document your injuries in your medical records so that there is no ambiguity about what injuries were caused by the accident, what treatments you had to undergo, and what you are ultimately owed in compensation by the insurance company.
  • You will be working with a practice that understands that, when it comes to car accident injuries, sometimes there are emergencies.  As a result, there are always some same day appointments available.
  • The auto accident doctor treating you will be trained in the most up-to-date techniques for treating car accident injuries.  This means that you won’t just be receiving a prescription for painkillers, but treatments that will actually help your body to heal, keeping you free from risky and dangerous prescription pills.
  • Integrative Physical Medicine understands that after you’ve been in a car accident, driving all over the Orlando area to meet with your doctor doesn’t sound great.  That’s why they have 13 convenient locations throughout the Orlando area for you to choose from.
  • Their auto accident injury doctors understand that every car accident is different and every patient’s body is different.  They will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that combines the best of traditional and alternative medicine, giving you the best long-term outcome.
  • Trying to heal after an accident is challenge enough, but if you are seeking compensation through a personal injury claim, the insurance paperwork and attorney requests can make the process even worse.  That’s why they offer to take care of that for our clients–they want you to focus on getting better and looking toward new horizons!


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