Chest Beds For The Holidays

December is now in full swing. Christmas music fills the air, and snow has taken up residence well … just about everywhere. It’s just a matter of time before the sons, daughters, grandkids, and in-laws beat down the door. The next thing you know you’ve got people sleeping in the guest bedroom. Or, in the basement, living room, kitchen, and the grandkids are sharing the dog bed. It’s a story that many of us live through every holiday season. But maybe not this year. Now there is a solution. Murphy Chest Beds.

What Is A Murphy Chest Bed?

The industry’s leading manufacturer of Murphy Beds, Wilding Wallbeds, offers four different styles of Chest Beds. The Poppy, Clover, Sagebrush, and the Cube. The Poppy, Clover, and Sagebrush all come with optional fold-out nightstands, power supply, and a functional under bed storage drawer. The Cube, however, is simply a fold away Chest Bed with no extra bells and whistles. This version is much easier on the budget. All of the styles are available in a plethora of color and finish options. You’ll be sure to find the perfect Chest Bed for your home.

Why Pick A Chest Bed Over A Traditional Murphy Bed?

A traditional Murphy Bed folds up into your wall with some doubling as desks, bookshelves, or even entertainment centers. Murphy Beds are large, bulky, and a nearly permanent installation in your home. They require secure mounting and cannot be easily moved after they have been placed. You better choose wisely when picking the location of your traditional Murphy Bed because it may not be coming with you if you move. And the purpose of the room it is placed in cannot easily change. Additionally, the shipping and assembly times for the traditional Murphy Bed can be sizeable. Sometimes requiring weeks and sometimes months to complete. Lastly, the traditional Murphy Bed is more costly.

The Chest Bed provides a happy alternative to the traditional with some of its key strengths being moveability, lead time, and price point while maintaining the durability. Chest Beds are not permanent installations requiring no mounting for full functionality. This grants you the ability to move Chest Beds throughout your house, rearranging to your heart’s content without much to worry about. Secondly, Chest Beds smaller size and subsequent weight make them much more easy and affordable to ship. This decreases the amount of time it takes for you to receive your very own Murphy Chest Bed. Third, Chest Beds are far more affordable than their traditional cousins due to simpler construction, fewer materials needed, and shipping savings, making it possible for many to easily purchase their own Chest Bed.

To further reduce costs, self-assembly options are available for some models of Chest Beds with clear, easy to follow instructions. Additionally, The Chest Bed is incredibly durable and reliable, capable of withstanding weights of up to 600 lbs, easily allowing two adults to sleep safely and comfortably. Being made of real hardwoods, the Chest Bed is an heirloom that will last for a lifetime. Furthermore, the Chest Bed is short, allowing you to maintain clear visibility throughout the room, without blocking televisions, windows, the functions of ceiling fans. These beds are truly a marvel of space-saving technology. Lastly, The tri-folding memory foam mattress is of the highest quality. With firm support it prevents neck and back pain caused by many inferior mattress constructions, ensuring your guests always have a good night’s sleep and wake well-rested, ready to conquer another day.

Antimicrobial Protection

Antimicrobial protection is yet another innovative option available for Murphy Beds through Wilding Wallbeds. Wilding Wallbeds’ antimicrobial protection is guaranteed by the appropriate use of the Microban Finish by Sherwin Williams. Developed in the medical industry for the protection of patients from dangerous microbes, Microban will eliminate unwanted issues such as mold and mildew before they even start. Microban is far more advanced than a typical disinfectant because it works constantly to protect you from dangerous microbes without ever wearing out, or needing re-application even after washing! One simple application can be the difference in making a wonderful visitor experience for your guests for years to come.


Both Murphy Beds and Chest Beds are fantastic space-saving innovations that can prevent major headaches’ and backaches come the holiday season. With nearly numberless features and a 10-year warranty, they make the ideal choice for your guest lodging, without sacrificing utility of your home year-round. While Chest Beds can be found for sale in many places, the superiority of the Wilding Wallbeds durability and careful consideration of useful features has earned our highest recommendation to any looking for reliable, quality, space-saving furniture.


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