How to Drive A Car

It is important to learn how to drive a car with manual transmission as it will then be relatively easy to drive an automatic transmission car. At first, it might appear tricky but with time, it becomes as natural as riding a bike. He first thing is that you have to become accustomed to the feel of the brakes, stick shift and clutch physically. It is also advisable to train the mind to use the left foot during the actual driving. The left foot is what you will be using to actually press and release the clutch in order to shift gears. Automatic transmission vehicles do not have a clutch as there is no need of continuously shifting gears. In this regard, such a driver may find it strange as he/she is accustomed to resting the left foot.

Manual transmission vehicles can be pretty confusing especially to a new learner. In order to learn how a stick shift actually works and its structure, it is important that the new learner first sits in an empty parking lot or ground and practice shifting the stick through the first, second, third, fourth and fifth gears. It is essential that you as the new learner understands that in order to change gears and consequently drive a manual car, you have to push in the clutch simultaneously with the shifting of the clutch. After some practice, clutching will eventually come naturally. Once you get the hang of it i.e. how the two function together, then you can hit the road albeit with caution.

For you to start a manual transmission car, you have to ensure that the stick shift is ion neutral and that you have depressed the clutch. You then turn on the ignition and disengage the emergency brake at the same time though this may be done before. At this point, you might be in a situation which demands a reverse. The operation is the same, put the stick shift at the first gear position if you do not intend to reverse or at the reverse position of you want to reverse. You then release the clutch slowly as you press on the accelerator or gas loosely. Some vehicles actually start moving the minute you loosen the clutch. Instructors of driving schools will insist on the slow release of the clutch as a fast release will result in a stalled car.

If this goes well, you will have to make several rounds in safe environments to be competent. After this you will then have to learn the engine basics, how to change a flat and even how to paint a car. But as of now, you can just enjoy cruising around.