How To Make No-sew Curtain Panels

Curtains are really easy to make. All you need is a length of fabric and a sewing machine and thread and you’re good to go. You can add a curtain liner if the fabric is sheer. But if you fear thimbles and sewing machines, you can still make no-sew curtain panels. They are attractive and modern, and you won’t get pins and needle pricks while you make them.

First, you should decide what size you want your panels to be. They can be floor-length, half-size, or raised a few inches from the ground. Kitchen and bathroom curtains are usually half the size of normal curtains. This is because kitchen windows are generally placed above the sink, so having a half-curtain prevents the fabric from getting soaked and breeding germs. Bathroom curtains are small because their windows are usually small and are often located higher than the windows in other rooms.

Measure the size of your window, both length and width, and use your measurements to determine the amount of fabric needed. Remember to allow a few extra inches for hemming and extra width for gathering at the top of the curtain. You should also allow four to six inches for making a pocket for the curtain rod. Cut the required length of fabric while pre-heating your iron. The iron should be set to high.

The curtain rod pocket is made using fusible tape, which can be bought at any fabric store or arts and crafts shop. The tape should match the width of the curtain. Place the tape at the top of the curtain, two inches from the edge, and lay it out flat on the fabric. Fold the two inches of fabric over the tape, forming a kind of hem. Iron over the hem. The heat will pass through the fabric and fuse the tape to the curtain, making a pocket in the process.

Use fusible tape and repeat the ironing process to neaten the side edges and to ensure there are no creases. If you would like your curtain to have a bottom hem, then use fusible tape at the bottom of the curtain as well. Iron it on, just like the top. Double hemming is recommended, because double hemmed no-sew curtain panels look more professional than single hemmed ones.