How To Rent A Mini Excavator

There are virtually countless reasons why you may need to rent a mini excavator. This specific type of equipment makes a world of difference, and there are all kinds of jobs you can do with a mini excavator. Whether you are a homeowner looking to upgrade your landscaping, a contractor working on commercial or residential projects, or for some other reason — deciding to rent a mini excavator is likely your best option (as long as you have the right credentials).
The question is how do you know which version is the best to accommodate the needs of your project. The options for when you rent a mini excavator have increased greatly during recent years. It is no longer just something that is used primarily for dirt work. Today, there are a ton of attachments that are available and expand the capabilities of each unit.

Tips To Rent A Mini Excavator

Now that we can all agree that renting one of these handy machines is going to be well worth it, let’s find the one that meets all of your needs. The first piece of this puzzle is to understand exactly what applications you need the mini excavator for.

Job Requirements

You need to consider several aspects of the job. Some examples of these considerations include how tight of an area you’ll be working in, how deep you will need to dig, the width of the bucket that you need, what — if any — attachments you need to run (hammer, auger, power bucket, etc), and whether you want it to be cabbed or uncabbed.

Size Matters

For most situations, when you rent a mini excavator you will be looking for something in the 3-5 metric-ton range. They are a popular choice for rentals because of their ability to fit on areas of a compact job site. They’ll usually be able to handle anything a homeowner wants to do and can be used with a bunch of different attachments. Contractors in Pocatello frequently opt for the 7,000-lb version of a mini excavator that can easily dig about 10 feet down.


When you rent a mini excavator, hauling it safely to and from your job site is very important and can be a huge concern. Any mini excavator in the range of 3-5 tons is great for transporting with no hassles for anyone who knows what they are doing. While it can vary from one state to another, chances are that you can haul this size of mini excavator without needing to obtain a special license to do so. This is the case for anything that is a load under 10,000 lbs.


One way to ensure that your job is done properly and you are left with a high-quality result is to make sure that the mini excavator you rent is a good fit for the person who will be operating it. Using a piece of equipment such as a mini excavator requires some familiarity to be done efficiently. Whenever possible, get a machine that the operator has used before. It is a good idea to have the operator get a feel for the excavator before starting use for your project. Check out the cab, learn the controls, and adjust the seat and mirrors before beginning your project.


The attachments are what make a mini excavator able to conquer virtually any job. This is why it is vital that you select a dealer who can supply you with the attachments you need when you rent a mini excavator. Also, check to ensure that the bucket or attachment fits the application of your project. For example, when you are going to be loading brush and digging you have to have a bucket and thumb.


Certainly what it is going to cost to rent a mini excavator is a major consideration. There are a lot of variables that go into the rental cost. For instance, how long are you going to rent the equipment? Is it on a daily basis? Or maybe on a weekly or monthly basis? Usually, the longer your rental agreement, the lower your cost per day will be.

It also changes depending on where you are located and what attachments you’ll need to go along with it. There may or may not be a delivery charge. This is why it is important to learn everything you can about the rental company and don’t sign anything without knowing exactly what is in the agreement.

With so many different options, it is difficult to say what a mini excavator rental will cost. You will likely pay somewhere between $150 and $485 for one day. For a long-term project, you’d be looking at a range from $1,100 to $3,490. This is just another reason why you should do your research and make sure that you choose an equipment rental company with high-quality equipment and good reviews so you know you’ll have customer support if you need it.


Here are some questions to ask and consider as you select your rental company.

  • Does the company have a well-used fleet or do they keep them in good shape?
  • Do they complete their own service in case you have an issue with a unit while renting?
  • What do other people say about the business?

Research will help you make the best choice for your needs. Give the equipment a complete inspection so you know that it is in good working condition before leaving the premises. Good luck with your projects!


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