7K Metals: An Ethical Way of Doing Business

The coin industry has become stagnant over the years. From outdated business models to people pulling the same scams that have been tricking people for decades, people are tired of seeing more of the same.
7K Metals was founded as an alternative to gold and silver investing.

A lot of people are asking about gold and silver investing, if gold and silver are good investments, buying and selling gold and silver coins, but they just don’t know where to start—with all of the scam artists and business models that leave people worse off than when they started, their skepticism is well-warranted.

7K Metals has seen a lot of irreputable and shady things happening in the coin and silver industry. For example, many internet platforms that sell gold and silver coins simply don’t validate their products—you don’t know if it’s legitimate or not, you’re simply connected to a seller and you buy coins online, later to discover that they aren’t worth even a small percentage of their marketed value.

7K Metals has seen a lot of fraudulent, fake coins over online platforms, and it’s gotten to the point that many platforms have outright banned the selling of gold and silver coins and bullion for just this reason.

We want all of our members to understand that we are validating all coins they buy.

Our precious metals coins and other products are coming directly from the mint or another trusted source, and we’re personally validating each and every coin that comes through them.

We also have a third-party platform—a stack and sell—where we ensure the legitimacy of the buying and selling of gold and silver coins between third-party sources.

Everything we do at 7K Metals is based around validating that you are getting a legitimate coin, that you’re receiving exactly what you expect.

Beware of Game Playing in the gold & silver industry.

If you see a company pre-selling coins—sometimes six to eight months in advance—run the other way, as when the time comes for these companies to actually send you the coin, they don’t even have them! What they do have is your money, and in exchange they’ll offer something else—a different coin of lesser value.

We commit to a set of standards that keep our customers safe. If 7K Metals doesn’t have the coin, we don’t sell it. Period.

Here’s another game we typically see in the gold and silver industry: the Minimum & Maximum game. A company or seller offers you the best price on a rare coin only after you’ve bought X dollars worth of product. This price increases as the value of gold and silver climbs.

We don’t play this game. By becoming a member with 7K, you are guaranteed to get the coin that you want, for the price that it is, without any minimums or maximums.

A major goal we have at 7K is to be transparent with our buyers.

We see a lot of uneducated buyers in the gold and silver industry. 

One of the benefits of becoming a member with 7K is that we give you the education you need to make sound decisions when it comes to gold and silver investing. We offer:

  • Education classes
  • Buyer certification classes
  • Collector certification classes

We can educate you to become the best buyer possible—someone who knows about all of the different tricks and scams in the gold and silver investment industry and knows how to avoid them.

What coins are coin collectors looking for? We’ll help you develop a keen eye for them, as well as help you spot coin dealers that are shady with the coins they’re selling—the types of people who sell coins at an inflated price while buying coins at a low offer.

7K Metals finds legitimate coin collections for you.

On top of giving you the skills you need for sound gold and silver coin investing, we also do the hard work of tracking down legitimate, rare collectable coins.

Not only that, but we also mint our own exclusive 7K coins just for 7K members. 

We’re building value every day on the 7K collection.

You can rest assured—by being a 7K member, you will get access to coin drops and autosavers where you’ll see coins that you won’t find anywhere else. 

We’re changing the industry. We aren’t just concerned with big investors—we want you to get the unadulterated value of the gold and silver coins you want, without the games, scams, or shady tricks.


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