Learn About the Different Types of Motor Homes for Sale by Owner

There are several different types of motor homes you can buy. If you are interested in buying motor homes for sale by owner, you will probably encounter several of these different kinds motor homes. The first type of motor home is referred to as a Class C. This motor home is built on the chassis of a truck. It typically has an over-the-head sleeping area with a queen size bed. Class C motor homes can be quite large compared to Class B. A Class B motor home looks like a large van. Actually it is built on a van chassis and is usually the smallest type of motor home. Even though they are small, they can still be quite expensive.

The third type of motor home you will find when you are searching for motor homes for sale by owner is a Class A. This is probably the most expensive motor home and it is built on a bus chassis. This motor home can come with a diesel engine and if it does have a diesel engine, it will be very expensive. The difference between diesel and non-diesel Class A motor homes is about $100,000. My uncle owns a diesel motor home, but he makes his own gas in his garage. He can make diesel for about one dollar per gallon rather than having to spend four dollars per gallon. If your average diesel motor home gets 6 miles per gallon, it is like being able to get 24 miles per gallon because the gas is four times cheaper when you make it yourself.

Most of the time, when you are buying RVs for sale by owner, I don’t think it is worth it to buy a diesel motor home. Even though a diesel motor home was supposed to last for 450,000 miles which is almost twice as long as a gas motor home, it is still not worth the extra expense. This motor home is also going to go down in value much faster than a gas motor home because it costs a lot more to begin with. It will also be more expensive to repair because you will have to take it to a diesel mechanic rather than a car mechanic.

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