Make Hot Doughnuts and Deliver Baskets of Treats

Everybody is so busy during the holiday season that couples have a difficult time taking some time out to just enjoy each other. Try some of these fun activities and make the most of your time together this Christmas.  It can be making fried donuts, or delivering holiday goodies to those you love and appreciate. Put on your thinking cap and create some holiday moments!

Take the time to visit friends and family members that are laid up in the hospital or confined to a retirement home. A visit will be just the thing to brighten the day of people who do not get company very often. It takes time and effort to forget those bonds but it will be worth the self satisfaction you get from knowing that you brought joy to another person. The staff loves to see visitors as well because they realize that their patients have people who truly care for them.

Plan a weekend getaway before the season really gets going. Take some time out to take a short trip or just get a hotel room downtown. It will be good for you both to take some time out and relax.

Support each other through a new health regimen. Start a new low carb diet or start taking vitamins. Working together toward a common goal can be a good thing for your relationship.

Volunteer your time at a local homeless shelter or go shopping for people who are less fortunate that you are. Donate jackets, mittens and socks to a charitable organization.

Do some work around the house but do not split up with one person in the kitchen and one person in the garage. Choose an activity that you can do together like cooking. Fun appliances like hot doughnut makers can be a lot of fun if you cook together and you get tasty doughnuts to enjoy as well. Take some new laundry baskets and fill them with tasty holiday treats for your neighbors.

Use your imagination and remember to enjoy the small pleasures in life during this very hectic time.

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