Man performing spring cleaning on St. George HVAC

St. George HVAC: Time For Spring Cleaning

Don’t look now, but it is just about time to put winter in the rearview mirror and get ready for summer. We’ve all heard the term “spring cleaning” and it is for good reason. This is a great time to knock out some much needed major cleaning projects around your property. Many people don’t realize it, but this can have an impact on your St. George HVAC system as well as your air quality inside your home. So, if you are up to the task, here are some tasks that should be included in your spring cleaning to get your St. George HVAC system ready for the heat of the rapidly-approaching summer.

Replace Your Filter

Your St. George HVAC system has a filter for a reason. When it gets too dirty, it becomes ineffective. This is why the filters should be checked a few times during the year and most likely replaced in the spring and fall — if not more often. Don’t forget to turn your unit off before doing any routine maintenance such as replacing the filter. For assistance, you can always contact a dependable St. George HVAC professional. There are a few different types of filters available so you need to make sure that you have what is recommended for your specific unit. If you aren’t sure, this information should be available from the manufacturer or your St. George HVAC company.


Speaking of HVAC professionals — it would be a great idea to get your HVAC unit properly cleaned before you ask it to keep you cool during the brutal heat of a St. George summer. Whether you try to do it yourself or call a professional, cleaning your HVAC unit should help to maximize the efficiency and performance of airflow in your home.

Dusting And Mopping

Of course, this is exactly what you want to hear. Everyone loves doing these chores, right? Okay, maybe not. That’s why these usually don’t get done as often as they should. Keeping up on this is important because the dust and dirt and allergens that accumulate around the house — especially if you have your windows open — can easily go from a surface into your air and HVAC system. You’ll be much better off if you can get rid of them before that happens.

HVAC Units Need Space

Anytime you see that plants or weeds are growing close to your air conditioner, you should make sure to get rid of them. Once you have weeds or plants getting too close, they’ll restrict the airflow near your air conditioner. When that happens, it has to work extra hard to provide the comfort you desire in your home. A good rule of thumb is to have 2-feet of clearance all the way around your air conditioner.

Don’t Forget The Ducts

If you haven’t ever discovered what’s inside your ducts, you might not want to. It can be pretty nasty! Sometimes you need to bite the bullet and call a duct cleaning professional to clean them out. If that hasn’t been done in a while, this can be a great way to improve your indoor air quality. Another benefit of getting your ducts cleaned is that it may reveal some other issues in your home that you were not aware of. One example of this is mold — something that can be very unhealthy for anyone living in the residence.

A Few More

While you are at it, here are a couple more things you could add to your spring cleaning task list.

  • Clean windows — You may want to use your windows to let in some light. This can also let in some extra heat so you will want to be strategic about when you do this. Of course, this isn’t likely to happen if you have dirty windows.
  • Eliminate the clutter — As we said earlier, you want to get rid of as much of the dirt and dust as you can. This becomes easier when you also get rid of unnecessary clutter in the home.
  • One way that you can ensure that this spring cleaning doesn’t become an overwhelming task is with some routine preventative maintenance for your St. George HVAC system.
  • Fire extinguisher — Having a fully-functional fire extinguisher can be important for a lot of reasons — including your heating and air conditioning unit.