What Accessories You Need To Make Car Rides A Breeze

Cars are becoming more technologically advanced every year, each new vehicle model brings new technology to the table. Many car companies copy each other and a lot of the same technology is included in each car. Some of the more popular are; In-Dash Players, DVD Players, and Back-up Cameras. Although DVD players are more of a luxury, back-up cameras are now required in cars made after May of 2018. If you are looking for a great car accessory store in Idaho Falls come see us at Limitless Electronics

Movies Always Make the Car Trip More Enjoyable

In-Dash players are becoming more and more popular in cars, they are especially popular in families with younger kids. While on long trips many kids tend to get bored and start to cause trouble. An in-dash player can play music of your choice and also play movies. Studies show that kids start to get restless within half an hour into the car trip. If you live in a town with bad traffic, it could take over that amount of time to get to school. Something as simple as an audiobook or a movie could make the trip a breeze. Come down to Limitless Electronics, the best car accessory store Idaho Falls, and see how we can make the stress of your daily commute into an enjoyable ride. 


DVD Players are Best for Your Kids

DVD Players are more popular in cars, as they can be more versatile with their placement. The different types of Car DVD Players are:

  • Overhead Players
  • Headrest Players
  • Center Console Players
  • Portable Players

The most popular overall is the Overhead Player, to get one of these head over to the best car accessory store in Idaho Falls; Limitless Electronics. The advantages of an overhead player are that everyone can see it better. Instead of a player at the front of the car, you can have one in the middle so everyone can see it, because the driver doesn’t need to be watching it. Many overhead players are also made to swivel, this would be best if you only have one child, then you can point the movie towards them. Another type of DVD player is the headrest player. This player uses an elastic band to attach behind the driver and passenger headrests. Some types of these players can play two different movies at the same time. This is beneficial for kids who have very different movie tastes, whether that be age or preference. These models can also play one movie on both players at the same time. Another type of player is a center console player, this player is very similar to the overhead player, as there is only one screen that is placed centered in the car. Another advantage to car DVD Players is that they can be hooked up with different sets of wireless headphones, if one of your kids happens to fall asleep you can just turn on the headphones and the other child can watch the movie without waking the other. Lastly is a Portable DVD Player, although this isn’t sold in most car accessory stores in Idaho Falls, it is convenient on a camping trip or anywhere that your kids will be watching a movie in more places than just the car. The downside to this is that it can’t hook up to your car’s stereo system. If you are searching for a way to make long trips better on you and your family stop by at Limitless Electronics, your Idaho Falls car accessory store. 

Want Fewer Accidents?


We all want to keep our family happy in the car, but you also need to keep them safe. Imagine being on a long car trip, you have suitcases stacked up to where you can’t see out your rearview mirror. You start to back up and end up hitting a car you didn’t see. Something like that could put a huge damper on your family trip. A way to avoid this is to get a backup camera installed, your local car accessory store in Idaho Falls offers these. A backup camera is put on the back of your car and when your car is put into reverse it turns on and shows what you may or may not be reversing into.

At Limitless Electronics we strive to be the best car accessory store in Idaho Falls. We want to keep you and your kids happy and safe from everything to your daily commutes to cross country road trips.